The Making Of The 2016 VICTORIA’S SECRET Fashion Show in Paris | Part 5 by Fashion Channel

The sexiest bra , most beautiful top models, spectacular fashion shows: that is all about fashion brand VICTORIA’S SECRET.
Watch our video about making of the 2016 VICTORIA’S SECRET Fashion Show in a capital of fashion, Paris with BELLA HADID.






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  1. Bella has improved y’all think complaining gonna make her not make it lmao she done even know y’all exist 🌚

  2. tbh i prefer the other ones who REALLY work hard for their jobs. I'm not saying that Bella isn't working that hard, but having no famous connections or a famous family to help you with in your modeling career and getting in the Victoria's Secret is a huger flex

  3. usually the judges for modeling are so fashionable and sophisticated. I mean, have you seen these judges?! How the hell did these people end up judging these models! They look like my great aunts, esp one of them with her huge crooked nose

  4. It will be sad for the ones that won't go through >:( if I didn't go thru, I would feel like I am not good enough…I wonder how they deal with it☺😀

  5. This is when Victoria's Secret decided to hire celebrities rather than actual models. Beginning of ther downfall.

  6. Like anybody notices the personality of these girls when they’re walking that show, everyone knows what they’re hired for

  7. People in the comment section are super broke and jealous… If you are a doctor, good for you, if you are a teacher, good for you, if you are a model, good for you

  8. Low key other models had better bodies than Bella and better walks. Her name is what's special. * Also not body shaming her body is amazing, but it's a competition so all I'm saying is other girls there would definitely outcompete her is it weren't for her connections


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