Welcome to the Emergency Policy Group Meeting – 04.23.2020

Table of Contents:

[00:15:00] Opening Slate
[00:15:24] Meeting Convenes, Chairman Remarks, Clerk Roll Call
[00:16:25] Public Comment – 20 minutes total; 2 minutes per speaker
Public Health Strategies
[00:23:40] Update on trending statistics of COVID cases – State and Local Positive/Negative
Test Results, Relationships and Analysis; Death Rate Trends; Surge Predictions –
Dr. Doug Holt, M.D.
[00:35:10] Florida and Hillsborough County COVID-19 Demographic Information Update –
Kevin Wagner, Business Analyst, Health Care Services Department
[01:11:27] Collection and Testing Sites Updates – Tim Dudley, Emergency Management Director
[01:22:16] Federal and State Legislation Update – Brandon Wagner, Chief Government Relations
& Strategic Services Administrator
[01:26:14] Initial Discussion of the Necessary Criteria, Framework and Community Conversations
in Considering Community Re-opening During COVID-19
[01:27:03] Dr. Eric Eisenberg, Discussion Moderator, Dean, USF Student of Arts, Professor of
Health Communication
[01:31:23] Dr. Donna Peterson, Dean, USF School of Public Health –
1. Number of Cases
2. Capacity to Respond & Identify Cases
3. Decisions driven by Health Care Capacity
4. The Community – Are they Engaged? Will they remain. receptive to guidance we provide
[01:37:44] Dr. Marissa Levine, Professor
* Regional Coordinated Effort
* A Coordinated Unified Message for Region
[01:39:10] Dr. Thomas Unnasch, Ph.D Global and Planetary Health Strategic Area Lead, USF
* The Impact of the Lockdown
* The Impact without a Lockdown
[01:45:27] Dr. Eric Eisenberg, Dean, USF School of Arts & Sciences, Professor of Health
[01:49:05] Questions for USF Team of Public Health Doctors & Health Professionals
[02:29:05] Action to Extend the Declaration of Local Emergency – Christine Beck, County Attorney
[02:44:12] EPG Discussion
[03:02:23] Next Meeting, Monday, April 27th at 1:30 p.m., Adjournment

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