Easy BTS DIY to do during quarantine for the bang bang con (bang bang con tickets, etc)
Hey guys! In this video I’ll show you how to make easy BTS DIY’s to do when at quarantine or when you’re bored at home for the bang bang con!

I made some tickets, vip passes and more! ^_^

you can try these out if you’re bored and in self isolation 🙂
^ ^
hope you like them XD

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  1. I hope u enjoy this experience army!! ✨can we get to 1k likes please ? 🥺😙
    Tysm for watching!! pls subscribe,like,share with your friends/army and comment what u think ^-^

    The printable’s for personal use only, please mention my account if you make this or use it! 💜
    Sub goal: 5k before june!
    Purple u Anonish💜

  2. Couldn’t print this even though I had a printer cuz my dad doesn’t know I attended it and he didn’t even know about the concert! T_T
    Also, where can I get the printable you made?

  3. I was honestly looking so hard for the template and you really helped me out! Thank you so much. Btw BangBangCon was so amazing!

  4. Hey, is bang bang con gonna be on bts’ channel right? It’s on Saturday and Sunday starting at 12 pm kst (11 pm est I believe, correct me if I’m wrong) thanks! Edit: also how do I get the printable I wanna make this lol

  5. Who else wants to do them but has no printer?
    but thanks! I’m drawing them and using this as inspiration! Thank you!

  6. OMG, it's amazing! What type of paper did you print on?
    I'm from Mexico and I love your videos, please keep making them are amazing.

  7. Oh my gosh I am so late because of wattpad anyways great video I should be sleeping but I am a bad gurl and I don't listen to my parents 😂 your videos are more worth than sleep and will you watch the online concert? I will but in my country it will be really early but anything for the boyzzz


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