Winnie Harlow openly talks about when she felt that she made it in the industry as a successful model and has some thoughts about what “ANTM” did and did not do for her career.
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Does Winnie Harlow Credit ‘ANTM’ For Her Career Launch? | WWHL


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  1. We know that girl only from the ANTM..shame on her for saying that..btw,she owes a lot to Tyra because before she was on the show,the world didn't consider that kind of uniqueness on her skin as beauty,or even like the plus size models nowadays. People like Tyra are the ones who broke the barrier and set up the different level of our way of conceiving beauty.

  2. You guys are literally idiots. Americas Next Top Model did not help any contestants career. It honestly stigmatized them for being on a reality tv show. The show was a humiliation tournament that taught the contestants nothing. Winnie is lucky she could make something of herself after being on that show.

  3. Woooowww. Y'all.mad about the comment for ANTM but that show has watched girls down fall over and over again. Multiple girls from the show have said about the sabotage the show caused their career.
    I mean shit they called the girl Panda on National television for shock value. But yall mad she's not thanking them?? 😂😂

  4. You started after the show because that really didn't do anything for your career, which it doesn't do anything for any model's career? How did that photographer find you then? Trust me as someone who works in this industry for since 12, it's really hard for models to get exposure and that show did give you so much exposure that I know you living in Armenia. And most of the people know you from the show and multiple people admitted that. Obviously if you don't win the show you don't get the final help from the show to build your career, but it does not mean that it was completely garbage. Of course you needed some more push to further develop as a model, but do you really think that your page was the only thing that got you where you are? I wouldn't want to assume that. It is a reality TV show just as you mentioned, and how is it not what you signed up for? Have you watched the show before signing up, because if I'm not mistaken it is one of the most famous reality TV shows in the world and if you didn't what kind of show you are signing up for than good luck!

  5. A lot of people with disabilities can become very cocky and arrogant when people are always flocking to them or coddling them.. I feel like she's very much full of her self

  6. If Winnie says that ANTM doesn’t help careers then why did she join? She said she joined because she thought it would help her career? She clearly had watched before and there were many seasons before her.

  7. she's right. how many models from antm you actually see succeending? antm can be a career starter but without talent and work after the show you will never be successful

  8. Girl, wait a second! I know, She is a fierce top model in the fashion industry, but girl, you are famous because of ANTM and because of TYRA. PERIOD.

  9. I wouldn't say she wouldn't be anything without her skin tone. Many people in the world have the same or similar skin condition as she does but they may not be model material. Her skin tone help her stand out with her modeling career but that because she did knew how to model. As for her saying that she doesnt own her success to the show, I kinda disagree with it. The show did gave her the experience and portfolio that she needed. However there are many talented contestants who u have never heard off them after the show or they are more famous that the people who actually won. Many winners struggle finding jobs after their contact ended. Plus if Angelea Preston was saying about the show was true and she was treated in a similar way which is way she was horrible in the show then I don't blame her for saying what she said.

  10. Yucks let's be honest she's not beautiful she sjusy unique with that white spot! She is shameless and ungrateful I'm sure her batchmate on ANTM feel so ashamed of her! If you don't have that white spot you are just an ordinary black women!

  11. Some people have no tact. If she would of said "the show was a great opportunity, but i had to network and work really hard afterwards", this would of come off less as being ungrateful & arrogant. Especially since we're not going to forget that you low-key shaded one of the most opportunity creating Black Women in the industry.

  12. Wow. I was rooting for this woman until I saw this. She's dazed and confused. Is she so stupid that she didn't know that ANTM is a reality tv show? This is ridiculous. She will never have the longevity that Tyra banks has. Everybody needs help – at every stage of their career (and she's right – she HASN"T "made it"). With this attitude, why would anyone else want to help her? She's an idiot.

  13. Every designer wants the skinny freak show walking for them. She automatically grabs attention because of her skin. Their not looking because shes pretty. Their looking because their curious.

  14. Someone needs to tell Winnie that the ppl that she meets on the way up, will be the ppl she meets on her way down. Have fun being so snooty and uppity. Give credit where credit is due Winnie!


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