Defence Update 6th April 2020 (Part-1)| China In UNHRC, Indo-US Talk, Indo-Israel Relation, New Subs

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  1. Pakistan will not stop exporting terrorism in Kashmir till Pakistan is punished to great extent
    Pakistan should not be given any help and should be thrown out of SAARC . Military action against Pakistan should be increased to kill Pakistani army.

  2. Bhai shayad app ko pata nahi J&K ka decision reverse kar diya gaya hai, govt aur pvt jobs sif J&K citizens k liya reserved ra hai ga.

  3. जेट इंजिन के बदले दवा अमेरिका को देनी चाहिए

  4. Pakistan sudharta to hai nahi,har baar koi panga karta hai, jitna margi samjao,uda dena chaheye Pakistan ko.

  5. यदि चीन दुनिया के नक्शे पर खुद को सुरक्षित रखना चाहता है तो सभी देशों के नुकसान की भरपाई करनी होगी वरना तेरा क्या होगा कालिया तू क्या तेरा भगवान भी नहीं जानता। जय मां भारती।

  6. UNHCR has taken to ICJ for war repatriation for the spread of virus and WHO was given wrong information and was led by China. India has been asked by US supply the anti-malarial drug for the world as we need them the most as we are treating this virus ans then we will supply them to the world and that will the world be free from it, thanks.


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