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  1. I love you guys tell me how all this has affected your summit push taking us through all the carnival ships in 48 months

  2. Wow man short sweet and to the point. Awesome job. I had no idea about the Alaska impact and how much that area relies on cruising. Thanks for sharing this great content.

  3. Excellent job, I really enjoy your videos, you provide good information without a lot of fluff, long winded commentary or rehashing of previous videos.
    I know that you will provide me with the information I need, direct and to the point, that’s something we military veterans are very good at.
    I hope that you and your family stay healthy, and like you I’m looking forward to Cruising the high seas again.

  4. John’s response:1) good to hear. I was wondering what would happen first, the last passengers would get off the ships or cruising would start up again. 2) For the reasons you mentioned plus many more I don’t think Cruising will be back fulltime for at least a year but I hope we can get it in small doses at least. 3) I will check these out. 4) I feel bad for places like Alaska than depend on cruises so much. Stay safe my friend!🐸

  5. I feel bad for the people of Alaska. It makes me want to book an Alaskan cruise as soon as they get those going again and it is safe. Even though I am normally a Caribbean kind of gal.

  6. I felt like a ticker tape should've gone across screen as if you were the local news. I l❤ved it😆😆. Thanks for the update 👍👍

  7. Thanks so much for this quick update! We welcome any fresh information about cruising as we can’t wait to get on a ship again! And talking about virtual cruising… well, we will announce it officially tomorrow, but we are going to start our own virtual cruise around the world!! As said, all details will be released tomorrow on all our social media platforms, but one we can say already now, it is going to be a lot of fun! Cheers!


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