In this video, I use our Tadano 180g-5 to set some building materials onto a roof. I have the crane configured with 110,000 pounds of counterweight, 197 feet of main boom length, 43 feet of jib with a 20 degree offset. The maximum radius for the crane in this configuration is 223 feet. The farthest pick on this job was 217 feet.

Tadano America

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  1. You're on the short end of a whole lot of leverage, which could get mighty exciting mighty quick.

    On a different note, have you seen the footage of the Liebherr ship crane failure? Fortunately, nobody was killed, but a couple guys were seriously injured. They were doing a 5,600 ton lift to validate her maximum capacity when the hook failed at 2600 tons. Smashed the everliving crap out of the boom (as you might expect).

  2. I can't lower the boom below 39 deg. with the jib on. The longest reach I've made was a roof truss at 94.4 ft. of radius with a 101 ft. boom. You couldn't have pulled 18 guage wire through my a$$, you must have been sweatin' at 217' !

  3. I built a big building over a small building and had to set columns through holes we cut in the roof of the existing building, once that steel disappears over the eve it's blind all the way over the roof down through the holes and land them on the new piers. Fun stuff but lots of eyes and walkie talkies and taking it REAL slow. Thanks for the video Jimmy.

  4. Nice work Jimmy! Wish our little Tadano's had the readout telling you how much weight you have on each outrigger. Thanks for sharing

  5. It’s always amazing to see what cranes can do. The amount of leverage and strain placed on those parts is mind blowing

  6. You don't want me to tell you about dragging the headache ball another 100" away with the welding truck to drag and then pick that small "I" beam we shook out in the wrong pile.

  7. The past two months I have been working under a 40 Crain truck. Tree work and when he puts it out 130+ boom at 30 degrees my but puckers. I'm guessing on that. But it's better then dragging the brush out from behind a house. He can move it a long way with little effort 👍👍👍
    Great video as always

  8. I know that you know your stuff and use all safety practices but, dam I was holding my breath there for a bit.

  9. I woulda had a cow… Does the counter weights on the back slide outwards the further you lay the boom down?

  10. whooo man did u suck up some chair with that one
    that pick had me nervous due to not seeing the load then hearing the alarm beeping did not help
    you must have alot of faith in that guy with the signals cause hes pretty much driving the load and crane as much as u are

  11. Very time I see a boom in the air in town I wonder if it is you and if a video will pop up about it. Keep them coming i really enjoy them.

  12. Sir Jimmie !!! Thanks as would have been a GREAT DRONE video for sure !!! If you look at "'PEPE'S TOWING"" video with the concrete pumper ,,they had to get a crane to p/u the over extended piping as the operator DIDN"T have his rightside outriggers fully extended & the pumper fell over !! ""KEEP IT SAFE ""!!!

  13. Long ago I was boomed down to limit over roof 1 foot off wall.
    Steel erector s yanked roof sheets out to land it and tipped crane over on to building.
    Building steel touched boom stopped me from going over.
    That was a Link Belt Hc238a friction 150 ft lattice boom.
    I dropped my cigarette…

  14. Ok this is cool here in Australia we call that “sending it” stretching to max limits blind and praying lol

  15. I try putting myself in your position not being able to see what you are doing just relying on other eyes…..that would be so hard. Just totally amazes me❣


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