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CoronaVirus Chaos Part 2 – with Nathan Leal

The entire planet is in lock down. The Corona Plague is conquering the Earth. The death numbers are skyrocketing! The world economy is in shambles and is headed into a depression that will dwarf anything seen in our lifetimes.

Where are we headed? What does this mean?

In this installment, we will break it down and compare these events to Bible prophecy.


1. The Corona New World Order Agenda
2. What is really going on?
3. Bible prophecy and current events.
4. Have the Horsemen been released?
5. How bad is it going to get?
6. How should we as Christians deal with this?

We will also look at two prophetic dreams given to us in February about this plague.

Join us, Nathan and Alison Leal, as we share these things.

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  1. What if it is talking about a spiritual famine? What if the beast is here and has been here. It is just showing its face. These things are not literal. There is no literal beast with a woman on its back. We must look further

  2. Did anybody notice on Mondays briefing when Trump was talking he raised his hand to his ear and flip his earlobe? To me it looked like he was communication with somebody whether it was a bug in his ear or something. I believe Trump knows what's going on. I am just curious whether anyone else seen that. Blessings all❤️

  3. This hoax is pure CHAOS MAGICK. Literally nothing happening physically from a virus, just psychological energy transfer.

  4. Dr Charles lieber of Harvard was arrested for working with wuhan, he studies implanting microchips into the brain via vaccine, I think gates and Kissinger, n them evil people want to control everyone via vaccine and 5g, I feel that if there is a war it is over the intellectual property of this mind control vaccine, I think the enemy wants to control people's minds but the Lord Jesus has control and he won't let it happen

  5. Great job you all are doing!!!! 👍❤️👍… anything and everything could be possible… Thanxs for the info… we are in the revelations

  6. Nathan – about 38 min you mentioned Faucci & Gates … all the stuff mixed in … Steve Quayle also added bits of Ebola in the 2nd wave. Believe it was Tru News (Rick Wiles) team found over $3 Billion given to that same Chinese lab to help fund "research" of the bug – under Faucci of course.

  7. 5g tech can be on ships and the towers are behind stores nursing homes hospitals etc. – they are small and disguised as trees and other types of infrastructure – you drive by 5g eveytime you go to the grocery store

  8. Jesus gave John the revelation of what is to come to past. There is more coming, the four horses you read are very interesting.
    Bill Gates and Fauci are bad news! They knew what they were doing? WICKED!

  9. There going to inflate the prices of food, everything is going to be less. I believe they are going to take away meats.
    Yes, further waves are coming, this is to impose panic and fear.
    There is great turmoil coming on this earth that we have never seen.
    Turmoil is coming! Get on your hands and knees and call upon the Lord.
    This has been planned, also look at what Nastradomis saw in 1551. That is all 🤔 interesting!
    It’s mind control and manipulation. This is going to go on for months. Sorry, but wake up.

  10. The reality here in NY is that there are increased deaths. The projections may be overstated but the present death rate in NY is elevated. Where are all the dead bodies coming from?

  11. isn't it possible that fauci is prophetic? God pours his spirit on many in the last days. There are for instance several shows, like the simpsons, that predicted trump would be president. That doesn't mean hollywood made trump a president. I think fauci saw it coming and was trying to head it off. Not everyone who works with bill gates foundation are involved in an evil conspiracy.

  12. Went to local Wal Mart in a fairly large town (200 thousand ) in Texas. There was only a few packages of hamburger meat and nothing else. I was shocked.

  13. Hi, Nathan really like what you do and I always enjoy your perspective however I must disagree. The Pre-tribulation Rapture is still very much a thing. Although Corona may mean crown it is not the 1st seal if anything it is a foreshadowing of the fourth seal. The first seal is the Antichrist being given a crown and it says he will confirm a covenant with many. We haven't quite seen that yet although we have definitely seen there foreshadowing. There are many proofs in the bible for the Pre-tribulation Rapture, but for me, it comes down to the 24 elders who are they? who do they represent? Well, Luckily they tell us exactly who they are. Revelation 5: 7-10 The24 elders are representative of the church, redeemed from all nations, tounges, and tribes. Made kings and priests. Note that when they are singing this song in the forementioned bible verses it is past tense it has already happened. Also note that this is happening before the seals have been released. I believe Jesus is coming to snatch us any moment now.. However for some reason if I am wrong about the rapture. I am prepared to die for my Jesus. He died for me after all.

  14. Nathan, think about the list of people that have been contracting the Coronavirus that Alison spoke of:

    – the elderly,
    – diabetics,
    – the overweight, and
    – smokers

    Every one of these people-groups would be considered undesirables… "useless eaters," as those who rarely contribute to society.  I believe they would be the first to be targeted in a depopulation world.

    People like Bill Gates, Ted Turner, etc., are ALL ABOUT depopulation.  They believe that God failed when He created a world that CANNOT sustain the number of people currently alive!

  15. Nathan, the cruise ships DO have 5G installed… they advertise that fact… and as far as U.S. Naval ships, they would be one of the first shipborne vessels to get it… I am a retired navy guy (1995).

  16. The way I believe God is using this virus for the good of his children, is to remove crutches, distractions, idols etc.
    As for the 4 horsemen, I believe that the first seal was opened 1980, the second 1990, the fourth 2000, and the fourth 2010. I believe that the fifth seal will open this year, 2020. I believe that we have been in a 40 year probation period that ends this year, and great tribulation will follow along with the mark of the beast and the image of the beast. I explain these things in my videos.
    Ad for fourth seal – it doesn't say that 25% of the (population would be killed), as many interpret. It doesn't say, the fourth part of the population – it says, "the fourth part of the (earth)," which began 2010.
    Just about the entire Earth is being affected by the Coronavirus.

  17. I am living in the Philippines.  Cebu, Philippines, has declared that there will be no gatherings like weddings, school activities, schools themselves, church services, etc., until January 1, 2021.  Here where I live in Sagay City, there are multiple check points all over the city. I have been told several times that I am supposed to ride in the back seat as my wife drives to observe social distancing.  I got so tired of telling them that we were married, that I made a sign stating that fact and have taped it to the inside lower right hand corner of the windshield. I don't see any magic solution… Bible prophecy IS coming to pass and WILL CONTINUE to come to pass… IT IS WRITTEN!


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