College Football recruiting has seen a wave of commitments nationwide as of late. On Late Kick Live #21 Josh Pate discussed the reasons he and many others in the college football and recruiting worlds believe this fall could be the wildest decommit period we’ve ever seen in any recruiting cycle. Will Tennessee, UNC, and other teams currently in the top 10 stay hot? Will; a team like Alabama make a fall surge into the top 5? Let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel and CLICK THE BELL for notifications as we bring you multiple live shows per week!
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  1. Thanks for watching guys. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel and CLICK THE BELL for notifications as we bring you multiple live shows per week. And follow Josh on Twitter: @LateKickJosh

  2. One great thing for Tennessee is , that they will definitely get to play and not ride the bench for three years

  3. What people fail to realize is, Tennessee's commits for the most part are peer recruited. The kids want to play w/ each other 1st, at Tennessee 2nd. The only "flips" will be guys that got recruited over.

  4. With you projecting All these decommits dont you think the regular top 5 will still be the regular top 5 Ohio st, Georgia, Alabama, Clemson, LSU, ect. Just cause OSU has there commits early doesn't mean they will have a bunch of decommits. Look at last yrs class and how early it was full and if we would not have had a coaching change we would of had 0 decommits. (1) Dobbins also committed without visiting just like Henderson. I do think Tennessee, Maryland teams that normally fall outside top 15 will have several decommits especially when they start losing games…

  5. The kids are taking virtual tours of the schools right now so thats part of it.I think alot of the kids want to make sure they getta spot on the team that they really want to be apart of & are not left behind.The commits Tennessee has right now i think they will keep all of em unless the coaches can recruit over them & getta better player then the kid will be told to go look elsewhere. Thats the only way i really see any of the lower ranked commits leaving UT!!The higher ranked guys are all wanting to go to a blue bood school like UT & start their own legacy & not be a bunch of bandwagon jumpers going to Ohio St, Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma & LSU like most are!!

  6. BSU just landed Jack sears as grad transfer QB from USC was a 4 star recruit coming out of HS. Josh Pate what do you think of the add?

  7. Your the bomb man keep up the good work. Your logic, the material you talk about is actually worth listening to!

  8. You a month full then. These kids feel pressure and that's why they committed. But later on this year. We will be seeing kids decommit and commit to the school that best fit them.

  9. Josh your insight into recruiting is amazing. I love your posts. I'm a 64 year old University of Tennessee fan and graduate. I am so impressed with Coach Pruitt AND OUR ENTIRE STAFF. Thanks again for your shows

  10. I bet it’ll change just as fast as it’s happened “quick” they ain’t no way Minnesota will still be top 10 until February

  11. I don’t think the major blue bloods are worried about recruiting right now with Covid-19. I think they’re focusing on the health and well being of their staff and players. As soon as this pandemic ends I expect to see the big guys to be sitting at their usual spots. Not to mention the 5* players aren’t going to sign right now. Tennessee fans can enjoy their 15 minutes of fame until the season starts, I expect quiet a few De-commitments. Kids are enjoying the attention in a sports less world wait until they start shopping around and visiting other schools. All It takes is one of those kids to go see the campus on Saturday In Tuscaloosa or Norman etc. and they will be saying goodbye to rocky top.


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