Chantelle Brown-Young, one of American’s Next Top Model’s cycle 21 competitors, is fierce. She’s beautiful, outgoing, and she has a skin condition called vitiligo. Making an exception for Brown-Young, Tyra essentially plucked the Toronto-born model because she has such a captivating, mesmerizing social media presence. Overcoming fears of rejection and bullying took years, but now Chantelle Brown-Young is confident and ready to win ANTM. I am personally supporting this girl all the way, because it’s a rarity to find such diversity in the modeling industry, and Chantelle is who we need to show the world that beauty is not a formula; it comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. No one with vitiligo or any other kind of “abnormality” should feel the need to hide their skin.


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  1. She did not have an attitude, people were bullying her the whole show. She was trying hard to open up but she was just told she was 'fake'. Well ofc she gonna be fake to bullies…..

  2. Your skin has nothing on your nasty, ungrateful personality. You're a self imposed perpetual victim of your past. I hope you have since received some therapy. To go forward and diss Tyra the way you did, can only mean your head is in the wrong space.


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