(01:39 – Symposium Closing Remarks, 06:02 – Questions and Answers)
Question and answer session from a symposium exploring the last half-decade new evidence from ancient DNA, fossils, archaeology and population studies that has updated our knowledge about The Origins of Today’s Humans.

Recorded on 02/21/2020. [Show ID: 35710]

More from: CARTA: Exploring the Origins of Today’s Humans

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  1. 27:20 "that's an awesome question"
    What? give the recent bantu colonizers even more welfare. Give them welfare for utterly destroying the pygmies and bushman?
    Wait I thought we were all from africa.

  2. Hunting hypothesis. Its not a hypothesis. We love meat. Weapons were made to eat animals and kill enemies. Also to cannibalize others. Its was and is a man thing.

  3. – Censor . Operations . Visceral . Intel. Data.- (COVID)19

    As our knowledge increases we become more and more certain in one way or another that our utmost use is being made of every possibility of evolution, and whatever it seems to us that in nature force is being wasted or opportunity neglected,it is not the scheme of the universe that is in fault, but our method of ignorance and intention.

  4. As for the cave system inhabited by Naledi, it should be emphasized that the cave system were of great importance to them for their survival and not to be found in abundance. The bones found deep into the cave might have been washed in or their might have been other openings. That their diet included exotic food in abundance (fruits etc.) is interesting.

  5. ¿who is Max Rafael Waller who as @maxrafaelwaller and @mrwaller3 was arbitrarily suspended without explanations by the unethical twitter? – 5:05 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time on Saturday, 25 April 2020 leap year

  6. The oldest evidence of the bow and arrow comes from Sibudu cave in South Africa (dated to about 64,000 years ago. See/Search (studies): 
    "Indications of bow and stone-tipped arrow use 64 000 years ago in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa" (by Marlize Lombard and Laurel Phillipson)

    And: "Quartz-tipped arrows older than 60 ka: further use-trace evidence from Sibudu, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa" (by Lombar and Phillipson)

    And also: "The antiquity of bow-and-arrow technology: evidence from Middle Stone Age layers at Sibudu Cave" (by Lucinda Blackwell et al.)

    (The post does not show with links.)

  7. The origin of “Today’s “ Humans? That’s an oxymoron.
    Humanity has (1) Origin.
    Perception is a major deterrent of primary facts, at this University I see. Smh
    NEAN – North East Anarchist Network.
    DER – Derivative Chromosome, a Structurally Rearranged Chromosome.
    TH – The/Thee.
    AL – Albino/Albania, Pale, a Country in Europe.

    Linguistic Rule of Thumb

    Anything outside this linguistic definition, is bullshit! Wake-Up!


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