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Baby if you give it to me
I’ll give it to you
I know what you want
You know I got it
Baby if you give it to me
I’ll give it to you
As long as you want
You know I got it

We been together for a few years
Shared a few tears
Called each other nicknames
Like Sugar Plum and Poo Bear
I’m always on the road
I’m hardly ever home
Always busy this busy that
Can’t talk on the phone
I know you aggrevated
Walk around frustrated
Ya patience gettin’ short
How long can you tolerate it
Listen ma I’m just motivated
I do this for us
Step on the grind tryin’ to elevate it now”

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  1. Esta canción es maravillosa como pasa el tiempo y me sigue gustando como cuando la escuche por primera vez

  2. No one:
    7 year old me: Baby if you give it to me, I'll give it to you, I know what you want💀💀😂😂😂

  3. So this will be Chicago South side, where you never want to end up as a student from another country, or else they might shoot your head. So harsh :((((((. In any case, these cases are real! Say you are a student who just moved to Chicago and is looking for an apartment and you ended up in South Side, ask the police to pick you up. ! . So harsh :((((

  4. Recently I've heard this on the radio and I was like 'omg I recognize this voice, is that Mariah's new song?' but no, this song is older than me


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