Kevin VanOrd gets in touch with his inner demon in this review of Bound by Flame.

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  1. I wanna side with the reviewer for this video. But, I played this game and it is ENGAGING! I kid you'll not that the combat is clunky but it is good. As far as the AI companions go, a defensive strategy is much better on everyone. The fact that I beat it on easy and made it to the final boss on Captain difficulty via the human route(which was ANNIHILATINGLY TOUGH!)says that this game has alot going for it. The mechanism for crafting is good. Most of all, the side quests were WAY better than the main story line. This game is really good but it fails in certain areas that make it underrated and undermined😔

  2. Good game, combat is interesting, crafting is simple but fun its kind of eddicting, reviewers are too bitchy and bias its made by a budget studio and for such a small team its a bang for the buck since its below 20$

  3. bullshit this guy simply doesn t know how to play the game ! you can dodge , run, defend, parry and several weapons and attack methods ! FUCK YOU GAMESPOT

  4. This game is actually pretty good and really has tremendous potential with some polish. I think they should make a new one and really polish up everything because I love the concept and art style and think with some touching up and a little marinade we got ourselves a pot roast to feast on! Just do it! Oh they really need to come up with vetter cover art for the game cuz it didnt do it justice and made it look really outdated and low budget.

  5. I've just finished this game wow…didn't know that you could grow horn by choosing the evil decisions 😂..well its a good game….swordsman build is really hard…glad i choose assassin type. Lul

  6. TBH its yet another game I cant play for more than 10 -20 minutes. Like most games of this generation, I've played so many games where you kill enemies that none of them are fun anymore. It's all the same

  7. Lol I actually had a crap ton of fun with this game. I'm not ignoring the problems and I definitely have my bones to pick with it, but overall I really liked it.

  8. Spiders are a dev that fans either love or hate. I personally love their rpg's! Flawed but charming experiences. They just all have something about them that make me love them


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