Bound by Flame PS4 Gameplay

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This title is currently available on:
Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC
(Video was recorded on Playstation 4)

“Bound by Flame Gameplay Impressions”

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  1. This is a nice relaxing game, nice break from Dark Souls! I am enjoying it, give it a try guys, ok it has many flaws but it's a nice game, if you like rpg's and action games and you want to relax and enjoy a game you will like this.

  2. Looks kinda boring honestly. Just sit there and spam attacks over and over again. And the enemies don't seem to stagger when you parry or do strong attacks which is just weird. Seems like they made the game harder than it needed to be. Think I'll pass on this one. 

  3. Eu queria te ver fazer um BACKSTAB…. Quando eu chego atrás das costas eu toca square e nada menos um ataca normal que faz um pouquinho mais.

  4. Dragon dogma similar with flat level design. Somehow now I kind of appreciate the vertical level design of the souls game. subconsciously it makes you more into the game. I like the complex crafting but I tends to just ignore them like in dragon dogma. but it is a fine game after all

  5. i guess after Souls games i have issues with the games with minimap. also, this game for some reason reminds me of Amalur. And i don't really like Amalur.

  6. great review khan:)  but a little disappointed in the tittle overall i was expecting i little more from this one it looks like it would be fun for a few hrs but overall prob become bored and never finish it imo. it reminds me too much of DA : 2 but maybe i could be wrong. great Commentary btw.

  7. Thank you for this video Rui, been keeping an eye on this one for a while now. I have a question though, I know you can have romances with your companions on this game, any chance you would know if same gender romances are available? Don't seem to find any information online. Thanks regardless.

  8. "These creatures are just… disgusting."
    "They look like giant… you know… things."
    I already like dialogues in this game :]

  9. Ugh…the combat is so slow. Shame. This game could have been a lot better. Instead , it has ”mediocre ” written all over it.

  10. kinda annoying that your armor/weapon-looks depends on what upgrade you use… i'm a huge fan of fashion-souls and going bad just for looks…well it wouldn't be my first time

  11. hmm looks pretty nice, and i never even knew this existed(haven't had this on my radar at all)… who made this game?( i must have missed it when you said it)


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