Bound by Flame features real time combat that is both tactically deep, dynamic and spectacular. Defeating your enemies won’t be an easy task, as every single monster and creature you’ll encounter has its own behavior, strengths and weaknesses you’ll have to exploit in order to tear them into pieces.

You’ll be given access to three different skill trees to develop your character, each of them with its very unique skills. The Warrior uses two-handed swords, axes and war-hammers to break his enemies’ defenses and inflict heavy damage, while the stealthy Ranger dual-wields daggers to sneak upon his enemies in order to deal devastating backstabs, before engaging the survivors in fast-paced melee combat. The Pyromancer channels the fiery powers of the demon: hurl fireballs, light your weapon on fire, invoke flame spirits, and much more!

Rated Mature: Blood, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence


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  1. Not paying £50 for this, looks like a fun mid-tier game, but not worth the full price. I'll wait, cause it'll be on PS+ within a years time.

  2. Why is mad people giving this game shit.
    By you doing this you discourage new game developers.
    If the name of the game was called dark souls 3 or witcher 4 or some bullshit  all you would be loving this game only, because it's a new game you give it shit. 
    Just give this game a chance and look in to the story it's better good.

  3. Game looks a lot better than what we were last shown. Doesn't look like anything new, but it does like decent. Wouldn't spend 59.99 on this game, but I'm sure it'll be one of those nice little games down the line to pick up for dirt cheap. It'll serve it's purpose.


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