The most recognizable and highly talked about roller coasters, here are some favorites and comparisons of rides that the Swiss manufacturer has built. One of the few companies to build roller coasters over 300 feet, Bolliger and Mabillard could be called the most influential duo on roller coasters in the 21st century. Can the company continue to build magnificent rides or did they peak back in the ’90s? #RollerCoasters #SixFlags #AmusementParks #Travel #ThemeParks

Roller coasters are pushing the limits as we continue to see rides being built that continue to get more and more insane, will B&M keep up with the competition over the next ten years? We take a look at Alton Towers, from Nemesis, one of the best coasters of all time, to World’s first’s, like Oblivion and AIR at the UK theme park. Alton Towers did wonders for the industry.
And in America, Busch Gardens and Cedar Fair, with parks like Cedar Point, Kings Island, and Carowinds, reign the amusement park market, but do they have the best B and M in the world? Banshee, Raptor, Montu, Fury 325, Kumba; all incredible rides that have a chance at the title. And of course, we touch base with Six Flags Great America, where it all started with Batman, the invert, and the first stand up, Iron Wolf.

What roller coasters didn’t make the list that you think should be mentioned? For over 30 years, the most photographed and beautiful attractions have been made by B&M!

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Best attractions made by B&M, 2020. Major Theme Parks: Cedar Point, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Busch Gardens Tampa, Kings Island, Carowinds, Six Flags Great America. Alton Towers and Phantasialand, UK and beyond.


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