Dear Crypto Community & Blockchain buddies across the Globe,

Welcome to SEASON 3, brought to you from the Cryptocompare Digital Asset Summit in London!

In the next coming weeks, we’ll be showcasing interviews with some of the sharpest and most talented minds in the crypto industry. In this episode we are pleased to present Josh Goodbody, a former commodity trading lawyer, now Director of Growth and Institutional Business at one of the world’s biggest Cryptocurrency Exchanges: #Binance

With a focus on Europe and Latin America, Josh is an expert on #cryptocurrencies and the application of blockchain technology, as well as financial regulation and multi-asset trading infrastructure.

Find out his story working as a corporate lawyer to then tokenizing precious metals in 2017, why blockchain technology is so multifaceted, the emergence and future of stablecoins, and the impact of #Brexit on #Bitcoin.

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00:28 Intro
02:46 How Josh got into Crypto
03:24 I want you guys to tokenise my precious metals
04:36 We don’t question what we are doing
05:26 Lawyers in demand in Blockchain back in 2017
05:48 Code is LAW
06:37 Programmable smart contracts
07:11 Any other asset classes that interest you?
09:15 The purpose of Stablecoins
09:53 DEX’s at Binance
12:49 Managing your private keys
14:00 Binance is constantly innovating
15:15 We are truly decentralised
17:33 Binance 1.01
17:43 Some call it blitzscaling
18:17 The differences in cultures across Binance
20:45 Brexit and crypto
26:36 Institutions only interested in Bitcoin
27:28 Derivatives are going to be big
29:50 How we differ from other exchanges
32:55 What 2020 will look like
33:42 Plans in emerging economies
36:10 When China sneezes …
38:19 Bitcoin safe haven?


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