The Oil markets have collapsed, and yesterday traded into the deep negative territory! Is this the beginning of the end? Are the oil commodity markets, signalling the next big marketwide crash? The events of yesterday will go down in history as Black Monday, the trigger which started it all, and other asset classes from stocks, crypto to fiat currencies are about to feel the pain. Are you ready!?

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction: Suprises When You Least Expect It…
01:16 Thanks to UpperPark!
01:36 Chico Calls the Oil Crash!
02:19 But Why Did We Crash Like Never Before?
03:01 Media Calls for Oil Price Bottoms Last Week
03:42 Top US Goverment Energy Officials Didn’t See This Coming
05:41 Donald’s Art of the Failed Oil Deal
06:22 The US Getting Cut out of Global Oil Deals
08:37 The Dangers of the Oil Plunge
10:03 US Oil Storage Pushing 100 Percent Capcity!
10:39 For Who? Saudia Arabia!
11:12 Trump’s Art of the Deal
11:36 Something Is Not Right in the Markets. Stonks & Oil
12:18 Be Aware of All Markets. Bitcoin Included
12:50 Outro

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  1. Americans understandably do their best to over-emphasize Russia-Saudis trouble while the main target of that war is American shale! Of course both Saudis and Russia suffered from its development and the oil glut, but besides this Russia is fed up with American LNG that Trump keeps on pushing on both Europe and Asia… So this historically low oil price is in Russian best interest medium to long term as it has the potential to completely demolish the American fracking industry that is responsible for producing all the "free" gas that goes into LNG!
    So it is not all about oil silly!

  2. As long as most hodlers keep hodling in a dollar cost averaging style or something similar, the halving absolutely has to push the price up in long term and thus attract new investors. The problem is, the recession that just started might hit a lot of hodlers really hard, too. Some might be forced to stop hodling and some might even be forced to sell in order to buy food and pay rent. This could delay the next ATH significantly. My only advice for investors Worldwide is this .“If you already own a portfolio, you can also get some part of it into active-trading market for bigger profits. ”Dr.Carlos Pedro” has been my mentor for 3{months now, and from just following his teachings and copying his patterns I have made over 29btc_ in a short time frame , You can also reach out to him if you lack trading Knowledge. ON whatsaaap— +1 {865}276_6999__ ON Telegram>> @Carlos434

  3. In 2011 Peter Shiff said "If I were to put $1O,OOO into "bitcoms" (bitcoin) how do I know a year or two from now anybody is going to accept them for anything. What if it's a fad and no body wants them, See the thing with gold is, Gold has value all by itself. I don't have to be able to spend it, I can melt it down, I can make it into jewellery, I can use it in electronics. It has all sorts of properties that makes gold valuable all by itself. It doesn't have to be traded for another product, it can be used." If you left $1O,OOO invested in gold from 2OII the value of the gold right now would be $9,854. If you left $IO,OOO invested in Bitcoin the value of it would now be $4,I79,876. My only advice for investors Worldwide is this . “ Buy the dIip now and be part of this wealth transfer that is about to Happen. If you already own a portfolio, you can also get some part of it into active-trading market for bigger profits. ”Dr.Carlos Pedro” has been my mentor for 3{months now, and from just following his teachings and copying his patterns I have made over 29>btc in a short time frame , You can also reach out to him if you lack trading Knowledge. ON whatsaaap— +1 {865}276_6999 ON Telegram>> @Carlos434

  4. Another one. I wrote about DGB being superior to all other POW blockchains as well you laughed at that one too then 4 months later you do a fucking video on DGB being a top undervalued coin! Your a piece of shit who constantly steals others into or researches it because other tell you then you make a pompous video CLAIMING FULL CREDIT FOR KNOWING THE INFO PORTRAYING YOURSELF IN A FALSE LIGHT TO YOUR VIEWERS BECAUSE YOU WANT TO BE VIEWED AS SOME SORT OF PSYCHIC ROCK STAR, BUT ALL OF YOUR INFO COMES FROM OTHERS ALL OF YOUR PICKS ARE FROM SKILLED TRADERS NOT YOURSELF YOU TRACE THEIR PURCHASES YOU DUMB FUCK

  5. I didn't know Chico was a psychic…. Cuz he isn't. He reads about others and their ideas then claims its his and pats himself on the back as if his stoned ass figured out all out lol

  6. I love that… "bitcoin needs to be like the pheonix and rise from the ashes"… the ashes being the current financial system 1.0

  7. I disagree with with one thing . You said that the guys high up did not know about the incoming crash and I can tell you that they did. I've been telling all my friends that something major is about to happen on April. I have noticed that Banks and credit institutions were creating a blockade for US currency that converged on Monday. I wasn't sure what was going to happen but I told many people that Monday is going to see a massive change with something to do with the u.s. dollar and now here we are. If I can almost figure that out I guarantee that they all knew.

  8. Sounds clever– put the USA oil producers out of Business, then buy them up for pennies on the dollar after their massive defaults. Store all that freshly imported oil in the 'strategic oil reserves' paid for by uncle sam, then when the price rebounds, sell oil from your new factories locally in the USA. We are still a net oil importer don't forget– just don't forget to set usa policy to only import oil [After] local producers have sold all barrels so nothing so 'tragic' will ever happen again in the future (to your oil company)…sounds smart to me…

  9. that's why cadet bone spur will start a war in order to raise oil prices and to stay in power, hence will increase migration of wealth of attacked country to bitcoin, hence the new highs ,wish i was not right!

  10. Chico!! What was that solar alt coin you spoke about I would say a year ago? I would be interested in checking out their progress.

  11. But so far, the cryotocurrency Bitcoin is currently rising and showing positive signs of bullishness which makes it a good buy zone to trade and not to Hold because i have come to discover that even in the bear market you can still make profit. Due to my personal research i got to find out about Jenson Ryan who is a pro trader and signal provider and has great knowledge on how the markets works, with his great signals i was able to achieve and grow my 1.2btc to a total of 6.9btc within 4 weeks of trading actively which you would agree is a very good profit and it's been going on for months, i will urge others who are willing to grow a strong portfolio ahead to make use of his accurate and profitable signals now. Jenson can be reach via Whatspp: +447380348377 and Telgram @jenson_signal for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  12. Why upper case for Ripple in header?…ah, I see what you’re saying, Ripple(XRP) to settle stocks and beyond. 👍

  13. OMG this was just the May's futures contract price.June futures price is already 14$ a barrel (still low but this is not the actual oil price )


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