Berserk and the Band of the Hawk
Guts Berserker Armor 99 max lv

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  1. When you had a bad day and angry at people who were angry at you for being you and needed some satisfactory in the end to chill it all out. (Talking to the people).

  2. Its so fucking satisfying playing as the beast of darkness.

    Im legitimately glad i went through 100 layers of that absurd place (cant remember what it was called.).

  3. is there an English version of this game at least with English subtitles. cause I'd play the shit out of this.

  4. ive never played this game and it just seems incomprehensible from this video lol, just constant black and red death

  5. this is the game I go to to let anger out after playing bloodborne or dark souls with some death or black metal it's perfect

  6. every time he absorbs all those orbs after using a special move, it reminds me of Onimusha. the sound effect even sounds the same.

  7. Wait, so Eclipse mode doesn't stop at layer 100? Hell yeah. I just cleared layer 40 as Zodd and it's just now starting to get really fun.

    P.S. Shut up Adon you idiot. XD

  8. holy hell.. the only thing i see is a black typhoon painting everything in red.. i want to read the manga from the very start because of this… can't wait for the berserker armor in the anime…


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