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Berserk Musou for the PS4

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Berserk Musou on the Japanese PSN


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  1. It's almost hilarious how over the top some of these attacks are. Still fun, though.
    Shame a good chunk are underwhelming.

  2. Berserk does casca dirty again…she is supposed to be the third strongest fighter in the band but her ultimate is telling other people to attack for her?

  3. For Femto i was expecting the one attack he tried to use against Skull Knight where he compresses all the enemies in one tiny meatball. Not complaining tho.

  4. at 1:40 … guts will sure have demonlike powers in the story? i mean. having watched the arc ended last year with the battle of the angel priest.. And every battle for him seems impossible with just brute strength. Never read the manga and I dont want to read for me.not to spoil the anime.

  5. Wyald being playable is such a weirdass choice. Like………Wyald……the shittiest and most unnecessary character in the comic….before Skull Knight, any of the Neo Hawks, Silat, or even some of the original Hawks (e.g. Pippin)? Lol.

  6. I was disappointed that Femto's ultimate was some lame ass generic Pokemon Dark Pulse bullshit and not the obvious choice of summoning thousands of apostles to feast on the flesh and blood of enemy soldiers.

  7. casca speicial attack… uh…..? not sure what to say on that… bad i guess? zodds 1st special attack seems like it only hits people in front of him so transforming is great idea for him lol ( dude seems slow as fuck anyway is he pose to be a tank or somthing?) i kinda hope we get some dlc chars.. bc man that pre order bonus sucks…

  8. casca and wylad have the most uninteresting ultimates. Berserker guts and demon form zodd has the most badass ultimates imho


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