Here I’ve compared the three previously released Berserk games in terms of gameplay and graphics in a short video. The games are:

1) Sword of the Berserk: Gut’s Rage 1999
2) Berserk: Falcon of the Millenium Empire 2004
3) Berserk and the Band of the Hawk 2016/2017

It wasn’t easy for me to get the old versions of the games. ersonally, I liked the second part (Falcon) the best. Its atmosphere is much darker than that of Band of the Hawk. If these titles were released with new graphics, many fans would be made happy.

If you don’t know what Berserk is: Berserk is a fantasy medieval manga for adults that revolves around the terrible adventures of the mercenary Guts. Epic battles, an end-time mood and a ruthlessly depicted reality are characteristics of the series.


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  1. I still can't believe that the Millenium Falcon game is a PS2 game. Its animations and realistic dismemberment-response were way ahead of its time.

  2. The gane mechanics of berserk 2006 were just on point, they were beautiful. Only thing I can complain is that enemies lacked of variety, it was too short and levels were repetitive.

  3. Possiedo berserk, per dreamcast, e mi è sempre piaciuto sia l' anime che i giochi peccato che non abbiano tenuto in considerazione berserk su questa generazione di console. Ciao a tutti voi appassionati di questa saga e dei vari giochi legati a berserk.

  4. Yep and they all play pretty much the same and the manga is pretty much in the same spot too. But I will still continue to buy them 🙂

  5. パラマシー!ダシテプラーイテルタニーヤロギアーガロディーヤナカーヤディーヤ!

  6. When people talk about who they'd want to make a Berserk game, the first dev team brought up is usually From Software. FromSoft's games are consistently excellent and they make my absolute favorite titles, but I don't think they'd be the best to make a Berserk game.

    If you compare typical Dark Souls style gameplay to the way Guts fights in Berserk there's a clear disparity right on the outset. By and large, Dark Souls is about timing and patience when it comes down to it. Every fight has the potential to end you in seconds and you are, for the most part, completely at the mercy of the flow of combat that your foes set for you. You are meant to be weak in comparison to your enemy, who controls the pace of the fight while you work around that, and through perseverance, come out on top.

    While Berserk does share some of those concepts, there are some key differences more often than not that would invalidate Dark Souls style combat. Guts is strong, very strong. While a small mob of enemies or a singular foe of above average strength would be a threat in Dark Souls, Guts (under normal circumstances) could plow through several enemies with ease and never really struggle in a one-on-one encounter unless it's against an apostle or large monster, which would probably classify as a boss fight. Whereas in Dark Souls you are almost always on a defensive, Guts is known for his ferocity in battle. Guts can control the tide of battles, something rare in Dark Souls. And in the case of boss fights, Guts, using his big brain fight IQ, can turn the tables in his favor in an instant. In Dark Souls it's mostly gradual, some boss fights don't even give you the option to parry/riposte. It's Berserk. Berserk. That's rage, aggression, fighting with bestial ferocity without caring at all for life and limb. That's not Dark Souls. In Dark Souls you don't want to get hit at all. It's discouraged. You die quick. You are fragile in those games. While Guts definitely isn't unstoppable or unkillable, he's definitely a tank.

    Not to mention the fact that FromSoft's Dark Souls titles are not particularly known for being games that tell you a story in a traditional manner.

    Gameplay-wise, I think a studio like Platinum games would be better. But there's an even better option. For a complete package? Ryu ga Gotoku studio. Their Fist of the North Star game is what sold me on that. Now, some of the sillier stuff that goes into their games would definitely be out of place in Berserk, but I'd be okay with it anyway because of how much charm it adds to their games. I think they could pull it off. They'd probably have the best execution in terms of story and their gameplay can definitely suit Berserk.


    Ryu ga Gotoku studio should make a Berserk game.

  7. Berserk and the Band of the Hawk was an idea that I thought would be cool, I mean 100 man slayer in the dynasty warriors world, fucking tight. But you know you could've I don't know made it your own game, rather then another DW game. Like fuck you made 100 into 10'000.


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