Berserk and the Band of The Hawk | ベルセルク無双
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  1. Do u think we will see end of story in next years, idk how much time i have, want to ride in to sunset without question wtf happend with guts and grifitb and skeleton and zod, god hand, casca…….

  2. Sorry, do you censored the game for the rules tu youtube ?or th game Is censored, I say this because in the manga parths that I see ( gore, rapes and complete nudity) don't see in the game.

  3. Wish they didn't leave out the lost children arc because that's where we'll see how terrifying Guts is.
    Not to mention they could have made the flying moth girl playable too

  4. This game felt rushed. So many characters and stories left out, too much padding in the Golden Age arc and very little story outside Guts. Would've been cool to see Griffith and his new band of the hawk against the Kushan empire. Maybe for Berserk Musou Xtreme Legends?


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