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Armor Clash II is an old-school RTS game, with classic features like base building, modern armors and navies etc. 2 factions and sub-factions for each one, from high tech stealth destroyers to hardcore battleships. In Skirmishes players build base from the start, while in the Random Generated Mission, fast paced combats start immediately. Local network multiplayers are also available, players can fight each other or co-op against AI.

Core Feature:
1. Base building, armor, air force and navy.
2. 2 faction: Gaia, the high tech army of 21th century, and the Steel Alliance, hardcore veterans from 1980s.
3. Sub-factions with special units.
4. Replayable Skirmishes.
5. Local network multiplayers for 4 players at max.
6. Random generated combat mission, quick battles start on random map.
7. Veterans level up with appearances change, commander abilities etc.
8. Windows, Mac and Linux support.

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  1. You are going against stealth ships. Probability you will not hit them with a lot of accuracy. Do not know why you did not get a carrier.

  2. Thank you very much for your VODs, I am busy with updating this game, in the latest version the day/night cycle effect are smoothing.The SteamVR support is coming, it is very exciting when playing this game in VR, especially in the "Ground Camera", which put you into the battlefield.


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