GUYS. Comment if you think Cycle 21, 21, OR 23 is better!!!

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  1. Sorry Lacey love you but I’m rooting for Cycle 21! Will is still my all-time favorite and love that they want to Seoul 😁😁

  2. Cycle 21 and 22 are my favorites I couldn’t choose between them but i dont like that cycle 23 reverted back to only females

  3. Gonna be honest here I HATED that Keith won in cycle 21. Also 21 from these 3 is my favorite because you got to meet 2NE1 and go to Korea like hello goals. Though I do agree that the photoshoots in cycle 22 were better and I was very happy that Nyle won as well. Oh and guys. It's called tea and you didn't spill enough of it so I need another video where you guys spill all the tea that we did not get to see on TV.

  4. I’m just gonna rewatch the show from the beginning because I don’t think we are going to get any more good cycles out of this show😞 I love cycle 22 but they definitely skimped on a lot of things. Like this is one of the only seasons that didn’t get to experience another country. And for them to use the same photographer for almost every shoot is just kinda lame.

  5. 13:42 Will couldn't be any closer to the truth with that! XD I remember seeing it for the first time, and just thinking: " This is a commercial?? Would this even make it to air? It's so saucy!"

  6. You two should do a reaction on Will’s cycle where Romeo was kicked out! That would be really interesting to hear about!


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