With 24 seasons, America’s Next Top Model has cemented itself as a reality tv classic. There are TONS of iconic moments but there are even more iconic model-testants. These girls brought the messiness, brought the insanity and brought life to the show. No, they’re not the best models (in fact, most on this list aren’t good models), but they’re iconic.

Part One (cycles 1-6) counts down the messiest, most wild contestants who made each cycle some of the most shady seasons of reality television (aside from Tyra’s generally messiness). From Keenyah’s weight gain, to Robin’s christianity, Elyse’s iconic rant, random hate on Nik, Lisa’s drunk behavior, Furonda being Furonda, breakdowns over hair and makeovers and a biracial butterfly–the show has it all from the best to worst moments.
And no, BE QUIET TIFFANY is not on this list. That was a Tyra moment, not Tiffany. Judge me if you want for that.

This list includes:
Ebony Haith, Elyse Sewell, Robin Manning, Shandi Sullivan, Camille McDonald, Yaya DaCosta, Norelle Van Herk, Michelle Deighton, Keenyah Hill, Coryn Woitel, Jayla Rubinelli, Bre Scullark, Furonda Brasfield, Jade Cole

Stay tuned for the next 3 parts. We will be going up to cycle 24 once the season is over, so there will be no spoilers until the end of the season.

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  1. So sad when the judges attacked the models. I mean they should help them grow but all they did is shame the girls in front of the camera.

  2. We all know Robyn didn’t do the photo shoot because she was fat, not because of Jesus. She used her religion to make excuses about her weight and having to expose her lack of fitness.

  3. I swear to God. The way these women act is like, my worst mushroom egotrip, which wasn't even as dramatic as these girls are😅😅😳 ridiculoussss😅😅😅 get out of your heaaaadd

  4. Only one scene for Norelle? She had some really iconic lines like when Eva and Ann were confronting each other in Tokyo about dissing Norelle behind her back and she goes "OMG my one friend thinks I'm ugly, my other friend thinks I'm fat!"

  5. I always felt like Tyra was lying about seeing Robin breast. Elyse definitely had an eating disorder, she was moody, her pigmentation looked unhealthy and had bad teeth.

    Camille was casted to be portrayed as the black bitch.

    Norelle was adorable.

    Yayay was annoying and hateful towards Eva. Eva did absolutely nothing to her.

    The girls picked on Michelle. No one took the time to get to know her even before her new breakout.

    Loved Keenya.

    Corin was awesome. "And what are yoooou dooing, alcoholic bitch?" Iconic

    Nik > Nicole

    Furonda was the most herself ❤. They have her a horrible weave.

    Loved Jade. Made for reality tv. She had a potty mouth.

  6. Here’s my opinion on the most Iconic contestants from Cycle 1-6
    Cycle 1 – Ebony, Robin, Elyse , Giselle
    Cycle 2 – Shandi, Camille, April , Yoanna
    Cycle 3 – Eva , Tocarra , Ann, Kelle, Yaya
    Cycle 4 – Brandy , Tiffany, Brittany, Michelle
    Cycle 5 – Bre, Lisa, Coryn, Kim
    Cycle 6 – JADE !!! , Furonda, Gina , Nnena , Danielle

  7. jayla really had the audacity to get mad at nik… jayla was the one who stole nik’s secret for the commercial!


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