ITS TIME FOR A NEW SEASON! Cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model! Are you excited? Comment below and talk about the new models with me! Did you like the trailer?! LETS TALK ABOUT IT!

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  1. I’m sorry I love the original ANTM since season 1. I love how stereotypical and early 2000’s it is. And I love your seasons and boys and girls seasons. I just think Tyra banks should finish it if she started it.

  2. Personally I think Rita is doing a great job, I love her, Tyra is tyra, but rita is doing pretty well. I feel that the show has come back to its roots. It feels fresh.

  3. Courtney TOP MODEL
    India striking face
    Tatiana is beeeeautiful
    Cants stand the twins: Tash/Cody. Not a fan of their face tbh
    Marissa's attitude annoys me. She takes good pictures
    Binta is okay
    Krislain is Instagram beautiful not HF
    Paige is pretty. should get far. love! her personality
    Coryanne her polariod had me shook

  4. Sorry Will but I just watched the premiere of Cycle 23 and it's already head-and-shoulders better than Cycle 21. The vibe is fresh and they're focusing more on fashion and less on gimmicks.

  5. I didn't know about this season until very recently but sadly Ireland doesn't get the ANTM seasons until a year after they air in America 😂

  6. I'm hoping Justine wins. I have like a bias towards her though bc she went to my high school and she was on the Track team wit me but it's also cool because she's half Mexican and like #mexicanrepresent

  7. cycle 23 looks so much more real, it screams "this is the real world of being a model" there are break downs, there are friendships, drama, etc. I was a little disappointed at firts because tyra wasn't in it, but after watching the trailer i am super excited. Still unsure about the new panel, but we'll see

    Edit it kinda looks more like a documentary than a competitive t.v. show

  8. It should be interesting because there is a lot of raw talent amongst this group of girls just looking at their snapshots.

    While the cycles with men were also good, it should be really interesting to see how the revamped version unfolds.

    Excited to see your commentary and thoughts throughout, Will.

  9. I actually thought the cycle 23 trailer was way too long and didnt leave me wondering, i didnt like how they showed the drama because thats honestly my least favorite part of the show. I prefer cycle 21 trailer even though its a tad shorter and yes a bit cheesy its fun and not too intense which i like! And i dont know but maybe im not as interested in cycle 23 because i had gotten used to guys and girls together so now seeing just girls its gonna be weird once again , but well see

  10. I'm rooting for Courtney to win, she's gorgeous! Also side note, I love Ashley Graham sm!!! ps. loved you in cycle 21

  11. Super creepy at 1:30. Hey, Will, new sub here. I liked your cycle and I'm glad you made the top 2 because you were pretty entertaining, lol. I kind of had a crush on Adam, though. I really liked the trailer for season 23 because it does look a lot more edgy and high fashion. The cast is very diverse but I can't really choose a favorite right now.

  12. India is my favorite so far, and I was disappointed to not see her often in the trailer. It's making me wonder if maybe she was all business and didn't want to make too many relationships with the other girls, but regardless, I think she has a gorgeous timeless look. Very multicultural with her hooded eyes and face structure. She also gives me some old Hollywood mixed with Gigi Hadid vibes. So we shall see

  13. I'm just thinking how much I'm going to miss Tyra 😓 but we have to give Rita a chance , she is fab and she looks so confident in the trailer, so , we'll see …

  14. God, Ive loved this trailer!!! It was so intense, you know? It looks like its gonna be really good or the marketing team is REALLY good! I felt confidence on Rita Ora, idk. Lets see, im excited


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