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Who is ready for Cycle 24 of America’s Next Top Model? Comment down below what your thoughts are on this upcoming season!

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  1. My husband and I are also both size 13, though we're both 6'1", not 6'6" like Will. Regardless, the struggle of finding shoes that fit is REAL.

  2. I loved you on the video shoot and on the spider web with matthew where you played the role of being the widow.

  3. the bad shoot the water and the great photoshoot is the spider photoshoot ,Ice photoshoot, photoshoot with cory, mta stone hair, no gave no love ,the mcm photoshoot

  4. I watched ANTM in Mexico and your voice is so different in the program for latinamerica
    You should search for the episodies and make a reaction hahaha

  5. 😍 Love you so much Will! The Mitch Stone shoot might be my favorite! The water fall shoot came out amazing! So sorry about your experiences there though, sounds rough

  6. Alguien que able español pot aqui
    Y que ame a la seria antm y will por que es genial y por que no amarlo y te acuedas de todos los capitulos y te da nostalgia

  7. I didn't like the robot one with Cory while you looked AMAZING and deserved best photo I just thought it was kinda weird and the whole "mixing it with your heritage" just seemed all out of whack. They were mixing too much of everything into one shoot but man you worked it!! You were awesome and still are!

  8. Hola me gusta mucho tu trabajo desde que te vi en american next top model saludos desde chile ojala me pudieras enviar un saludo …. besos desde chile….

  9. to be completely honest, cycle 21 had boring photoshoots. It is the only cycle I stopped watching because I 've lost interest. Not hating it. But the photoshoots could have been a great better.

  10. I hated the fact that we had to vote for your photos without knowing the brief of the shoot. Like, the "no glove no love" shoot made us all think you're imitating crows. Also, we were made to vote for photos that weren't scored by the judges (i.e. we scored your Spyder Bite photo but not your commercial, one half of the no glove no love shoot, and the hair product ad before the comeback point).


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