antm cycle 15 finale fade out season 15
tyra anounce the 15 winner of antm
antm cycle 15 anounce the winner
ann ward win
chelsey hersley runner up
tyra banks anounce the winner of americas next top model cycle 15
season 15 final

episode finale fade out

information season 15
model win the competition-ann ward
model runner up-chelsey hersley
model 2runner up- jane randall
model with transformation-kayla ferrel
model do history in antm-kayla ferrel & ann ward

models season 15Anamaria Mirdita, Terra White, Sara Blackamore, Rhianna Atwood, Lexie Tomchek, Kacey Leggett, Kendal Brown, Esther Petrack, Liz Williams, Chris White, Kayla Ferell, Jane Randall
twiggy paulina poriskova janice dickinson beau quillian kimora leens nole marin mister jay manuel miss jay alexander drtecktitude andre leon talley tyra banks nigel barker


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  1. Ann is the fairest winner ever! You can tell from the beginning of the season. She has the strongest representation out of all the other contestants.

  2. Am so glad she won. A part of me thought that she was gonna be other Heather or other Lauren. Natural talent for pictures but kind of silly and quirky that could have been an obstacle, but in her case, it wasnt. Great Ann 🙂

  3. Chelsey was a stuck up little cunt, she was condescending and acting like she was some world renounced top model of the world that couldn't be touched. She was just an average pretty model, very cookie cutter, nothing special…. I was so glad ann beat her. Ann had the IT-factor, that edge, that editorial look.

  4. I'm going to be one of the few people who believed Chelsey was more deserving of the win. Ann produced some strong photographs through the season and this reflected in the number of Best Photos she received. But she didn't have a good runway walk and really struggled at delivering commercials which, at the time, were part of the prizes with the Covergirl Contract. Ann also booked Versace during the Italian Go-Sees but Chelsey booked 2 Go-Sees and seemed more bookable because she was more of the overall package. Chelsey had a good runway walk, could take good photos (not as strong as Ann but she wasn't far behind), performed decently well on commercials, won several challenges and seemed to have a thicker skin and a drive to make something with herself if she had won. And I like Ann but where she excelled in photography, she faultered across several other capabilities.

  5. I was rooting for Ann since Day 1 and was so happy that she beat Chelsey, Chelsey was just so snotty to me.

  6. My favorite winners c4: naima mora
    C6: danielle evans
    C8: jaslene gonzalez
    C15: Ann Ward
    C18 : Sophie Sumner
    C22: nyle di marco

  7. By far my favorite ATNM contestan, not only winner but contestan ever!! Even above Allison. Ann is so extremely expensive and high fashion! She is PERFECTION.

  8. Every single week I looked at her photos… it showed she would be the winner. She is awesome! 😀

  9. I called her win when I first saw the girls were introduced before the cycle started. Then my second guess was Esther

  10. Damn man she is fucking gorgeous. ❤️ 6'2 over my 5'11 self lord have mercy. Too much woman like I say looool! So happy she won. She was my favorite from the start.

  11. no one had ever been like her. having 5 best photos for 5 wks in a row and i think 7 total best photos the whole cycle including her vogue photo.

  12. Most predictable winner ever. They should have had Kayla and Ann as top 2 at least it would have been a little unpredictable since Kayla was dominating the Milan photoshoots.

  13. this is probably the most predictable winner yet. I mean
    Ann = 6 best photos
    Chelsey = 0 best photos

    I do like Chelsey, but Ann killed it from the very first episode. Good job!

  14. Tyra as a host destroys Rita Marley as a host. Her presence and dramatic styles of speaking makes her a great host

  15. I just realized that Ann, besides Adrianne, is the only winner that didn't have that "ending" photo with Tyra

  16. This really was Anns cycle. She swept and dominated the whole cycle. You pretty much knew she was gonna win after the third week. She deserved it 100%


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