antm cycle 1 anounce he winner
adrianne curry winner
shannon steward runner up
tyra banks anounce the winner of americas next top model cycle 1
season 1 final

episode finale fade out
model winner season 1- adrianne curry
model runner up -shannon steward
model with transormation-adrianne curry
model do history in antm-elyse sewel and robin manning
model in the all stars season- shannon steward

all model´s season 1
ssa Carlson
Katie Cleary
Nicole Panattoni
Ebony Haith
Giselle Samson
Kesse Wallace
Robin Manning
Elyse Sewell
Shannon Stewart
Adrianne Curry


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  1. Wow…at 0:55 you can tell Adrianne thinks it's not going to be her. There's a look of self- doubt and defeat in her eyes. And then at 1:52, BAM – that visceral reaction from her. So raw and real. This is reality television at its best.

  2. Another All Stars cycle with Adrianne in it and wins it again only that this time she does get the prizes I mean if Lisa was on Vogue Italia, why can’t Adrianne be in it as well? Show some respect to the original ANTM winner !!! #JusticeForAdrianne

  3. Han pasado varios años desde q ganó el cicle 1 y sigue siendo las más hermosa de todas la antm…

  4. adrianne u are badass u remind be of the model gia she was a badass and knock out and u are funny ass hell straight forward and u have a big heart never lose that

  5. I was so scared about Adrianne not winning bc I wanted her to wins so much , I was sad bc I didn't think she'd make it past the first few cuts, so this first cycle really was an extreme moment for her and I'm so proud of both of them

  6. I feel bad for Adrianne since she won ANTM. It’s not fair that she couldn’t get what she deserves. Shame on Revlon & Wilhelmina!

  7. I love adriene, I heard a rumor after she won that they did not even use her and she got played by the business which caused her to have beef with tyra

  8. Its kinda sad when someone now wins… its not a special moment.

    Back in 2003 it was raw emotion and now its just…….. nothing

  9. I feel so old. I can't believe this is 14 years old… almost 15! I was just a tween watching the first season. There was nothing else like it.


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