The twenty-fourth cycle of America’s Next Top Model premiered on January 9, 2018 and was the second season to air on VH1. Continuing from cycle 23, this cycle featured an all-female cast. However, in a first for the series, the maximum age limit was removed, allowing contestants of all ages to enter the contest.

Top Model franchise creator Tyra Banks returned as the show’s host after being replaced for one cycle by singer Rita Ora. The judging panel, consisting of model Ashley Graham, Paper magazine chief creative officer Drew Elliott, and celebrity stylist Law Roach, remained otherwise unchanged.

Ep 6 Group Pic Credits to Marco Juno FB

Thumbnail Credits: Rence Lim FB ANTM Obsessed

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  1. Time 3:28PM Fri 2/16/18. WTH was the judges thinking giving Liberty the boot that photo was high fashion. Kylas look like crap. Erin's photo was not bad but not the worst her eyes looked dead in the shot. Christina should had gone last elimination her photo was bland yet Coura goes home for a good photo which was fucking stupid.

  2. Liberty had so much more modelling potential than Kyla. Kyla is literally clueless at every photoshoot but the judges LOVE her. why??? i thought for sure that liberty would make it to the top 5

  3. Is it just me or most of the girls are REALLY underperfoming? For now Khrys, Jeana, and Rio are the only ones who have a chance to win the whole thing in my book.

  4. Why are they send the most potencial girls home and keep the lame one's… what's next? Send Krystyana home our Jeana? Please, i don't know why Sandra it's still there, love her look but hate her pictures, Christina i really don't know what they see on her, Brendi K it's like save, Erin save also… WTF it's happening!?


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