Ann Ward is very much loved by most of the America’s Next Top Model audience. She appeared as a way too shy, introverted, odd and nerd girl on season 15, super tall and good at pictures. I mean, good is my opinion. In fact, I personally think she was overrated.

Maybe because the discussion towards bullying by that time was getting even stronger, so I think Tyra and the juges decided do give her the winning due to it.

I am not saying she is bad. At all. She is definitely photogenic, but she could not walk by that time, but was super forgiven by the judges until the end. And how about the personality? She could barely speak, how could she progress in the modeling industry? In fact, the reality is that she gave up modeling And nowadays is a designer/drawer.

Being shy was the fact that made TONS of girls lose in this competition, having as a BIG exemple Allison Harvard (S12 and 17); walking bad was the reason why tons of girls got cut early in ANTM, even though they could present themselves very well. Am I lying? Am I being unfair? I am not saying she didn’t deserve to win, it’s just that she was not aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall that good as they said.

About her 5 weeks in a roll having Top Photo, I think this is the main sign that she was overrated. Not that her pictures were bad at all, it’s just that other girls had better ones. She would still have a lot of FCOs, but anyway…

You Babies LOVE her, so that’s what really matters, right?
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  1. TIMING:
    0:19 – Herself and her Journey
    46:14 – Her photos and the judges evaluations
    1:04:35 – Her Final Runway
    1:08:06 – Judge's Final Decision
    1:09:12 – Her winning announcement
    1:11:11 – Post show

    -What kind of man are you looking for?
    “He has to be a warlock. And spit fire”.
    – Ann Ward 😂👌🏻

  2. 1:02 so that’s where the meme is from haha. And I can’t believe she was told by agencies that she was too tall, I’ve literally never even heard of that.

  3. It's cray cause when I was watching the show I used to think these girls were so grown and now i'm older than a lot of them (when they were on the show of course) lol makes me lowkey sad

  4. poor ann she's so beautiful and unique but homegirl can't walk in heels because she's 6'2 it aint her fault LMAOO

  5. Cycle 15 and 16 are probably the best cycle of ANTM in terms of casting, photoshoots, challenges, mentors and guests. High fashion and all.

  6. The thing that annoyed me about this season was that Tyra clearly wanted to sign Ann from day 1. There was no point in having her be part of the competition. It didn't matter that she wasn't good at the challenges or couldn't walk, because Tyra was always going to pick her to win. It made the season less exciting for me. Should've just hooked Ann up with an agent instead of casting her on the show.

  7. Oof I can relate to her. I’m 6’1 and I live in Bangkok. I’ve always wanted to become a model but I was too tall. I would get bullied constantly by students or strangers. Guys here don’t really like tall girls (that makes me insecure) and they would always ask if I “played basketball”…like we get it, I’m tall. Move the f*** on.

  8. Why she didnt pursue modelling? thats so sad. She earned it. She should have make the most out of it. Cuz she deserves it.

  9. Ann was my favorite during her cycle. And I was so happy she won that time. Another one was Allison Harvard the best ANTM we never had. 😊

  10. Chris was nice! She tried to strike a conversation with Ann and be friendly with her! Ann was the best model but Chris was the most likeable girl!

  11. I don't know if this video is positive but because of your thoughts it became negative but its ok though because its just an opinion. But u can't blame them because this is a model a superior model 5 weeks best pohoto in a row plss nobody i mean nobody can do that periodt

  12. Ann is probably my favorite winner. Not because she took good pictures, but because she was so funny and half the girls never even caught onto her. It's just sort of cathartic to see somebody being so witty, yet these idiots acting like she's strange just because they were so clueless they couldn't pick up on her jokes.

  13. Tiiu Kuik, top model of the early 2000s and Tom Ford muse, was 6’2 and was 16 at the beginning of her career walking for all the best designers. It’s interesting how the confidence level really plays a part. Then again this is ANTM


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