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ANTM has had PLENTY of incredible photoshoots – and today we’ll be counting down our picks for Another Top 10 Most Memorable America’s Next Top Model Photoshoots. For this list, we’re looking at more entertaining and outlandish photoshoot moments from Tyra Banks’ influential reality series. If you didn’t see a photo shoot you thought would be on the list, be sure to check our original video here:

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  1. Child Beauty Pageants are better than Women PhotoShoots! Unless there is a photoshoot for little kids only. And Then I will be satisfied.

  2. MelRose could model but what a true Bitch she was… I hated her all the way through. Cycle 9 winner hated. Allison Cycle 12 and 17 was totally robbed.. Tyra only invited her back because she truly was the Fan favorite and Tyra only kept her safe so that she was in every episode so viewers would watch until the end. Cause even Tyra didn’t like her much cause she was jealous of Allison being liked more than her. It destroyed Allison a second time. Tyra didn’t want her to win but needed her to have viewers watch…

  3. Wow these people are unattractive shallow and pretentious. The worst person in the world in my opinion is Tyra. Her presumptuous attitude makes her ugly those flamboyant guys need to get a pair and do something to help society rather than their selfish flamboyant existence. Don't know how this video started maybe because I viewed the video top Russian models Tyra banks is annoying as a person

  4. Tbh, whenever I hear ANTM, first thing comes to mind is Allison’s Bird photo. That was amazingly striking. I even made that my phone’s wallpaper before. Haha

  5. I really think it is kind of insensitive and shocking that they tried to turn murder into something sexy and beautiful. And it seems like in the case of the one girl I assume she was supposed to have been raped and murdered due to her being in her underwear.

  6. Why does Youtube put a 15 second ad in when there's only 45 seconds left in the video..?????? I get the purpose of ads , but really???

  7. Jonie, Anne, and Yoana pretty much DOMINATED their respective seasons. They photograph so well, work their bodies great, and created some of the most beautiful photos in ANTM history IMO

    Esther was also drop dead gorgeous.

  8. They always have to torture the models and try to tell them these very difficult thinks arent that hard but the photographers and other people dont actually have to go through it so they dont know how the models feels really famous models dont do that shit… Kendell jenner, ect.

  9. Ann totally kicked ass on the photoshoot you featured at #4 just as she did during the ENTIRE SEASON!! Ann is, in my opinion, the greatest Top Model that was EVER chosen. She came in as the "under-dog" but showed the world that was not only gorgeous on the outside but as equally beautiful on the inside. Ann was/is definitely my favorite!!

  10. Tyra is a narcissist psychopath! The things she makes them do are ridiculous! I bet she wouldn't do half of this stuff! It's all about torturing and embarrassing these girls! She's so fake and full of herself, just like Naomi Campbell said!

  11. Jaslene is my #1 Girl!! And cycle 7, that Circus photo shoot was like my favorite of that season and in like my top 5..Caridee owned that!


  13. My feminist half objects to the sexualization of violence against women but my goth half looooves the gory look

  14. Was that I Bull Hook I saw? WTF so this photo shoot was not animal friendly. F#?K this show and Tyra Banks!!💰💰💰💰💰Bad enough she doesn't give a f#!k about these girls who wanna be models, but she's gonna condone the mistreatment of animals?

  15. Number : 9 😊
    Number : 8 ❤
    Number : 7 🖤
    Number : 6 💘
    Number : 5 😯
    Number : 4 😍
    Number : 2 👑👑👑👑👑


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