Animation's Next Top Model | Cycle 4 – Winner's Circle | Episode 11 – Back with Popcorn & Tea

Here’s the next episode of ANTM Cycle 4. Sorry this episode took longer than it should. Hopefully, next episode will be faster. Congrats to the ones moving on and sorry to the eliminated one(s). I hope you enjoy this episode and don’t forget to vote for ToonGirl!

Still In The Running
Elizabeth “Lisa Lisa” Joestar (SinfullyHandsome)
Cammy White (MoonLove5)
Jean Grey (Criloz)
Emma Frost (kokoroisbrokoro96)
Anthy Himemiya (kokoroisbrokoro96)
Integra Hellsing (kokoroisbrokoro96)

18th/17th- Sakuya Izayoi (Mr.Fundashi)
18th/17th- Usagi Tsukino (Vitória Bolzoni)
16th/15th- Kaede Takagaki (Grace Zeloski)
16th/15th- Nozomi Tojo (Sanju)
14th- Esmeralda de Châteaupers (Vitória Bolzoni)
13th- Maki Nishikino (Grace Zeloski)
12th- Daphne Blake (victorfan 00)
11th- Bulma Briefs (SinfullyHandsome)
10th- Ann Takamaki (victorfan 00)
9th- Bride of Frankenstein (Vitória Bolzoni)
8th- Ariel Tritonsdattle (ELIAS SALAZAR)
7th- Barbara “Barbie” Roberts (Carrie Lee The Sparkle Clefairy)
2nd Runner Up-
Runner Up-

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