America's Next Topmodel Cycle 23 Episode 14 – The Final Countdown



This episode:
the models taking part at the final episode of America’s Next
Topmodel! The episode is fully packed with Elimination,
Final Runway Show , Photoshooting and of course the announce-
meant of the winner . Find it out who’s the winner!
The Tribute of the eliminated models will coming soon!

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I. Electricity – feat. Michael Zhong (NCS Release)
II. Elektronomia – Limitless (NCS Release)
III. Ricochet – (NCS Release)
IV. Future Vibes – Stewart Wallace (NCS Release)
V. Nekozilla – LFZ Remix (NCS Release)



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Enjoy it! Thanks!


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25 thoughts on “America's Next Topmodel Cycle 23 Episode 14 – The Final Countdown

  1. If courtney was there, it could have been a real battle between courtney and india. Having Tatiana, coryanne in the final is just so boring. You can actually predict that India is going to win. But if courtney was there and coryanne was eliminated on before finale, it could have been better

  2. I haven't watched this season yet were there any guys in this season cuz if not I won't be watching it I like it when there's guys in the show because I'm gay and it gives me eye candy that's why I watch Big Brother also nyles DiMarco sexy as hell

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