Cycle 21 of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, hosted by Tyra Banks, welcomes a fan favorite back to the judging panel: J. Alexander, a.k.a. “Miss J.” The second “Guys and Girls” edition will feature seven men and seven women living under one roof and battling it out to earn the prestigious title of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL.


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  1. 12 – Allison
    15 – Jane/Ann
    16 – Brittani/Molly/Hannah
    17 – Allison
    19 – Leila/Victoria
    20 – Jiana/Jordan/Nina/ Chris
    21 – Lenox
    22 – Lacey

  2. in the real modeling world they would not put thousands into an ad campaign just to do just 5 frames so that was a stupid challenge they gave to her on the other hand crying is very unprofessional and would leave a super bad impression for future gigs

  3. Since apparently nobody fucking knows, she got 5 frames cause she gave up on tyra, everyone knows tyra hates a quitter. she was saved from being sent home cause romeo assaulted adam and they sent him home. she was lucky she was saved, those 5 shots saved her. kelly gave up at the end on lenoxs whole “not sexy but sexy” thing and was pretty much over it. she was my fourth fav tho, i think she deserved to be in the final 3 more than adams drinking ass. he actually showed up DRUNK and tyra called him out

  4. She was too shy and reserved. scared to be “sexy” even when the judges told her to. If she would’ve learned from them she had a chance. she shut herself down too many times.

  5. I remember when I met her at my job she looks exactly the same and she was shorter then she looked. But I rooted for her the whole season it was kind of cool meeting her 😊

  6. She got an amazing photo out of just five frames this episode. Imagine what she could've got if she had more frames?


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