Just a montage of some of my saddest eliminations.

Part 1:
Part 2:

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Alexandria – I feel like in her season, Alex definatley got a bad edit when tbh she had one of the strongest portfolio’s. I get where the judges are coming from saying she looks harsh in her photos but for what is a “High Fashion” cycle, I would have thought that worked in ehr favour. For this shoot in particular, yes it wasn’t as strong as Mollyor Brittni’s but it was so much stronger than Hannah’s and I believe she deserved that Top 3 spot.

Brittany – To send her home because some clients wouldn’t book her was BS. Dionne was dragged to the final 6 and the judges had to continually find excuses to keep her around. Comparing the photos is pointless because Britt had the stronger bunch and performed better than Dionne almost every week. I think what’s saddest about this is that you could tell the stress of the competition got to Britt and that’s what sent her home.

Jiana – The boys and girls cycle was so anticipated but I knew Tyra would want a guy to win and if you noitced, whenever a girl was in the Bottom 2 to a guy, she went home. Jiana was one of the best models from this season, just look at her Guess ad. The stupid love

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  1. I just realized that Allison lost because cycle 17 wanted the winner to have lots of personality and Angela and Lisa had that in the bag and the brands had no place until that moment

  2. Why did Alexandria appeared in this video, I was litterally laughing of happines because Alexandria went home instead of Hannah

  3. It is a good thing they removed the fan voting otherwise panel to panel to panel, there will be unfair eliminations

  4. Angelea should have went home..
    ..Laura Allison and Lisa top 3…..Lisa gets axed next…..Then Laura and Allison in the top 2.

  5. I can tell a lot of these later eliminations were upsetting to Tyra. I'm glad they got rid of the voting nonsense. It made so many things turn out unfair.

  6. i agree with Alexandria..even i didn't like her so mush i thought that her photo was better than Hannah's and she deserved at least one week more in the show


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