Just my opinion, not ones that I particularly found unfair, just sad to watch.

5. Leila
– She had 3 great photo before that panel and I believe she was the strongest girl there but her photo that week did fall flat and sadly it got her eliminated and I teared up over her elimination speech. Thankfully, we brought her back.

4. Renee
– Even though Renee was my favourite contestant, I do believe she over stayed her welcome. It wasn’t that her photos were bad, they were all just ok and mediocre and showed no improvement. Near to the end of her journey, we didn’t really see much of her so when she started to cry in her elimination, I saw a true person and felt her pain.

3. Nina
– I could not stop crying at this elimination, it was the most unfair elimination for a few cycles. Nina’s photos were amazing and fucking Kelly Cuntrone and Rob Douchebag Evans decided they didn’t like her anymore so wanted her out. The fact Jeremy placed higher than her enrages me. Her speech was beautiful and I am so glad she is so successful now.

2. Ashley
– the reason I loved Ashley’s elimination is because whilst we all laughed at her novelties, we still saw some real emotion from her and, even if you didn’t like her, you wanted her to stay at that point. She never really had any self confidence so for Tyra to really boost her up as she was leaving, I thought was so amazing.

1. Kanani
– whilst Nina wins most shocking, Kanani for sure wins the most sad elimination. It was obvious the show chose her as a filler but as soon as she started to do well, they chose a bad photo for her and eliminated her. I was so pissed that Phil stayed and her photo, tbqh, was not the wort, much better than Phil’s, Jeremy’s and Don’s. When she broke down, I felt like I did too. Wanted her to be the second girl to comeback but sadly Tyra chose fucking Jeremy…really.?

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  1. I LOVED leila’s elimination.I HATE Leila ,wayyyy too overrated.her challenge scores were always awful and she didn t deserve that comeback.My top three that cycle is:Laura,Nastasia,Brittany

  2. Kesse from ANTM 1 was sad too, Tyra said all the judges cried that night and Sara from ANTM 2 everyone in the room was crying

  3. Leila, Nina and Kanani show how shitty the scoring system was. Top model fell apart when they started counting numbers.

  4. Kanani didn’t deserve to go home, if it wasn’t for that freak phill who cost her points in challenge she probs could’ve won

  5. What I've noticed on the ANTM is that the girls are not as close as the ones on its Greek counterpart are. The only American one I have watched was circle 12 but they are just so… Cold and distant. You have so much more money and potential since it's the original thus more successful show but it's not as sad as watching any of the Greek eliminations

  6. Is it odd when Double eliminations are about to happen on a Guys and Girls series, 1 Girl and 1 Guy is going home together? Exposed?

  7. Renee was a bully she was jealous of Jordan and she felt like picking on her was the best thing for her in the competition so I don't think that was the saddest elimination I think that was the most greatest elimination to happen. Don't be a bully and try to bring people down because you or just a negative insecure person

  8. Sara's elimination from cycle two was the saddest elimination in my opinion. Everyone in the room was crying even the other contestants and judges.

  9. Brittany was chosen over Leila, but then Leila was chosen to come back in the week that Brittany was eliminated.

  10. I'm glad that rob was fired by Tyra due to low ratings or you could say they can't believe they eliminate her.

    At first, I thought Kelly will be fired too but turns out she decided to change her sh*t attitude.

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