Don’t miss the next generation of America’s Next Top Model, featuring new host Rita Ora, new judges Ashley Graham, Law Roach and Drew Elliott, as well as special guest stars Amber Rose, DJ Khaled, Jason Derulo, & more! Tune in to the series premiere on VH1 Mon Dec 12 + 10/9c.

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America’s Next Top Model | Official Super Trailer | Premieres December 12 + 10/9C | VH1


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  1. Honestly cycle 23 and cycle 24 is the worst than the other cycle! VH1. Rita not even american! Shes not a model. Bring antm back, i mean real antm! They're let we see the final 3, like what th??!

  2. All the witches are on one show white witch black witch to promote modelling these crazy people are actually promoting vulgarity

  3. i just see selfish people that have an idea that they are the center of something….. wasted….. brainless

  4. OMG this is become Like India's next model. India's next top model they just bring random hosts and judges for the show who have no fashion experience at all. Especially they aren't even active in the current modelling industry. So basically the show is a waste of time.

  5. I feel like the purpose isnt to discover new model anymore, but only to entertain people . sad. I miss Tyra banks and why this show has really been made for

  6. I hate this show with Rita in it.. it's a joke that she is acting like an established model. She's not. Tyra did it so much better..

  7. That fucking tranny and the two black sisters were so embaressingly ugly. Who were they kidding! Also the hottest woman of the entire lineup, the latina, they kicked her off because she was apparently too beautiful/sexy. lol Last time I checked that's what sells.

  8. I think it's gonna be India, Cory Anne and Tatiana on Final 3 (4:00) 🙁 I'd be happier if it's gonna be Courtney who makes it to Final 3 🙁

  9. tivia joseph
    By the 2nd episode you can so tell that Rita is just following a script to sound almost like Tyra.
    The girl is a singer, not really a model. The only reason she is the host is for views.

    Ashley the supermodel judge would have 100x made a better host for this cycle. Her points are so valid because Ashley knows what she's talking about when it comes to modelling. Rita is just good at the emotional stuff plus Ashley even corrected Rita at one point.

    Also the whole show format is too different now (as expected) but its just not working for me. Anyone else feel the panel scenes go by too fast? As well as the photos they are judging.

    As a viewer I can't even look at photos without pausing the screen now.

    Also cycle 23 opening sucks ass so much.


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