America’s Next Top Model finalist Renee Alway released from prison
America’s Next Top Model finalist Renee Alway released from prison

Published: 20:48 EDT, 4 August 2018 | Updated: 21:20 EDT, 4 August 2018 An America’s Next Top Model contestant who’s been imprisoned for the past five years has been released from custody. Renee Alway, who appeared on the fashion-geared reality series in 2007, was paroled Wednesday from the California Institution for Women in Chino, California, authorities told TMZ Friday. The 32-year-old Michigan native was initially arrested in Palm Springs, California in June of 2013 in connection with felony…

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  1. She's already back in jail for a string of offenses committed in 2019, including domestic violence amd assault with a deadly weapon. Send her down for 20 years and make her purge the entire sentence this time. Maybe she'll learn her lesson when she gets released again in her mid 50s.

  2. For all Renee fans she is actually a nasty little girl. She was mean and ugly on that stupid show knowing that cameras were all over the place. Imagine how she acted when cameras were turned off. She is truly a mean girl. Hope she turns her life around and be a good person.

  3. But Jael Strauss got cancer and died. A beautiful life destroyed, and then this happens to a completely horrible life of an ugly-ass girl, that was mean as hell to the girl that died (who tried to be SO nice to that nasty bitch Renee!) How is that fair? I know it's not, nor never will be…..just rhetorical. (Karma could be argued.)


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