Aliens in Manhattan (Brita Eliminated)
1-800-Flowers Dog-Walkers (Sarah Eliminated)
Warneco Calendar f/ Signs of the Zodiac (Brandy Eliminated)
Got Milk? with Switched Ethnicities (Noelle Eliminated)
Gas Attendants fighting the elements (Lluvy Eliminated)
Wonderbra Pillow Fight (Rebecca and Tiffany Were Eliminated)
7 Deadly Sins (Tatiana Eliminated)
African Animals for Lubriderm (Michelle Eliminated)
Kloofing (Christina Eliminated)
Dancing for Caress Body Wash (Brittany Eliminated)
CoverGirl Outlast Foundation Ad (Keenyah Eliminated
Runner Up: Kahlen
Winner: Naima


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  1. Weird question: Why is the music in this video exactly the same as the one in the cycle 11 portfolio??🤔🤔

  2. I honestly though Keenyah, Kahlen, or Brittany would've been in the top 3. Either one of them should've been the winners


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