Cycle 21 has a fantastic cast of girls, but a disappointing cast of boys (the only good ones I truly like are Will and Matthew). I find that strange as I thought Tyra wanted a guy to win this time but in the end we got these, lol.

This time round, instead of arranging the prediction based on from the contestant I liked most to the one least, I made my own call-out order for all the photoshoots, and arranged the contestants based on their skill. Turns out Lenox was my favourite and who I think have the most photogenic one out of the lot as well, so I got the best of both worlds. 😀

However, I have a hunch that the judging panel would choose a guy to win this time, so I think Will would win. (Will Will win? get it get it ahaha im so funny )

There’s a rumoured Top 3 circulating around though and I’m not liking the sound of it. Only one of them I had put them into my dream Top 6, so I really hope that rumour is not true, otherwise it’d be disastrous!


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