America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 Guys & Girls : Episode 10 Photos [Full]

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  1. This photo taken in Denpasar, Bali in Indonesia. All contestants are wearing a clothes from Indonesian Renowned Fashion Designer, Rafi Ridwan.

  2. My coment yesterday lost….lol..nina failed in this episode maybe because her pose and mimic did not match with the ocasion/theme…in padi dields, she poses so midern like in paeis, and jeremy ..what a wrong pose you should put the basket on your shoulder, not like that…i think rene is worse also haha

  3. Hello..for everyone curious …why nina being eleminated by this episode picture…i think because her pose and her expression not connected with the environment/the theme in sawaah / padi field…she is just posing like she is in paris or sumthing……and for renee she was just no good here…look low class

  4. I really hope Corey doesn't win because the point of this cycle isn't androgyny… it's merl VERSUS female. He says he's so versatile, yet finds it hard to bring masculinity when he actually is a man? I hope MARVIN wins because he is a genuine person with a good heart. Jourdan is just conceited!

  5. i want renee to win!!!!!!!!!!!! antm the best!!! why not next cycle, you should also have given oppurtunities for those gays..hehe entitled Antm: amazing gays edition.. 😮

  6. from the ones who left- Marvin Nina and Jeremy don't have good photos this week.

    and i don't care what else think- i love Chris.

  7. oh please you so rude look like a donkey face i think renne is a good guy and a real model i dont like chris beacause he is a rachet

  8. they are over, but tyra has to do every photoshoot with everyone cause the voting process is before the emition of the show. So, it has to be this way in order to not show to the people whos back o was elimited…


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