Obvious spoilers are ahead~
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This final three is probably the strongest ANTM’s had in the past five seasons and because of that I can see Tyra giving any of them the win.

– Jourdan: Would get the ”no personality but good pictures” win like McKey or Naima. even though she had a shit basic personality, she was the most consistent and stayed highest with social media. Not to mention, she had the most FCOs and highest score in general.
– Cory: Would get the ”minority” win like Whitney and Jaslene, since he’s gay. Cory did well, but not so well that he stood out and his downfall was Rob being a dick to him in scores.
– Marvin: Would get the ”sympathy” win like Kiara or Brittani. Yeah, he’s a janitor’s son but who cares tho? He gave the same face over and over and began to start to change later on in the game.

either way they all had something they wouldn’t shut up about the whole damn season. Jourdan’s ex husband, Cory’s ”androgyny”, Marvin’s janitor dad and overall thirstiness.

In a PERFECT world (and this is the rumored elimination order):
3. Cory
2. Marvin
1. Jourdan
which could deff redeem Nina, Kanani and Jiana’s unfair bullshit eliminations.

So who are you rooting for? FIERCE FUSCHIA? SUNRISE SMIZE? or BOOCH BLUE?

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  1. Just watched this cycle, and I´m so mad that Cory got eliminated, although I wanted Jourdan to win. I hate Marvin.

  2. My input is I think Marvin should have won…I shall explain. Jordan takes gorgeous pictures and is a fantastic model! But she's boring and she can be kind of annoying at times. She's not that likable. While I think Cory and Marvin are fantastic! But I feel like Marvin beats out Cory and Jordan because he stands out! When I watched the final runway I couldn't keep my eyes off of him! He stood out! While my eyes kind of wandered around when Cory and Jordan were walking. Marvin did have the same look in a few of his pictures but after the mirror photo shoot I noticed he gave new expressions! So I love Marvin ❤️. If any of Y'all disagree, go ahead and chew me out all you want 😂

  3. ahora a eso se les llama modelos? cuerpos que ya se quiebran, actuaciones afeminadas, jueces que se les moja la canoa y que visten mas que ridículo, no jodan. Donde quedo la vieja escuela? Por ejemplo arnold schwarzenegger inspira a ir a un gym y conquistar el mundo, transformar tu cuerpo no solo una cara bonita. Esto disque modelos lo que inspiran es ir a un gabinete de belleza y pintarse las uñas. :/ =(

  4. Jourdan was obviously the best model, people just wanted Cory and Nina to win because of their personalities they are good models but not as good as Jourdan. It's Americas next top model not Americas next top personality or Americas next top comedian.

  5. Cory should have won. His pictures were SO much better than Marvin's and Jourdan!! I loved how he played the bad guy in the movie shootings. He looked really hot and was very fierce on the runway.

  6. I fucking hated Jourdan and Marvin.  All Jourdan ever did was complain about her past marriage as if it was that bad.  Please…people go through things a million times worse.  Also, she was just a flat out cunt.  Marvin was the biggest dick out of all the guys.  And he only made it that far purely out of luck, like when his photos sucked he was lucky someone elses sucked just a little more.  He should've went home when they dressed up in drag.

  7. Nina or Cory, those two were my favorites. Although, between Jordan and Marvin, I hated Marvin, he was a bully as well as Renee.

  8. all i can say is..thank god they finally added men to the competition. adding men to america's next top model was the smartest decision they could have ever made. the ratings were starting to slouch and honestly the show was getting a little repetitive…but with men in the mix now i would be more than willing to keep watching for another 10 years. i really hope that they keep ANTM like this forever and don't go back to just having girls.

  9. Agree that the final 3 should have been Jourdan, Nina and Chris H. They definitely rocked the photoshoots, but Nina and Chris H kind of lost focus a bit. Still they were much better than limited Cory who took really forgettable pictures and Marvin who was immature and totally inexperienced.

  10. Tyra was so desperate for a guy to win but couldn't even rig it to happen, that's how superior Jourdan was to both of them. lol

  11. I admit that Jourdan could take a nice photo, but that not near enough what it takes to be a model. She had no personality, did not seem strong enough and she didn't book any jobs for the go-see challange. I don't think she should have won, it should have been Cory or Nina. It's unfair that he was eliminated for being different and her for having one bad week.

  12. I'm wondering why did Marvin get in the Final 2 over Cory, But I have a bigger elimination issue, NINA!, How could you eliminate her.


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