During their stay in Jamaica, the girls meet Bob Marley’s daughter, Cedella Marley, who has designed a fashionable new line of bikinis. Their challenge is to model these teeny weenie bikinis while rising out of the ocean on a dolphin. Then, the girls venture to Jamaica’s famous Dunn’s River Falls where they are transformed into warrior princesses and greeted by Tyra, who will be their photographer for the day. The girl who can strike the fiercest pose under the cascading waterfall wins the honor of having her photo grace the walls of Tyra’s home.

See the girls’ best shots here:

Did the right girl get eliminated? Leave some comments!


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  1. YOU'RE pale. 😛 Jk. I"m a little pale, but I'm sitting in front of a window on a bright day. I shoot on a Canon Rebel T3i DSLR camera.

  2. she said in her interview that she regrets saying that because she did make friends its just that she just had an argument with kiara and was eliminated so she was super pissed.

  3. 2:40 they smell the magazine. lol. Anyways, love Leila, she shal win. I agree, top two Laura and Leila, though Nastashia is scaring me because its kind of like Cycle 4 with Kahlen and Naima where Naima takes it…..hmmm. We shal see.

  4. You know how Kiara was metal, Nastasia was pipe, Leila was wood, etc.? Well do you know what the rest of the girls were? Like, I see their photos, but it's not clear what they were

  5. Kristen is a genuine bitch. So glad she got the boot. I think Leila should have cussed that ho out before panel!

  6. That's exactly my point. 😉
    I disagree on the "look more dramatic" statement. Not every picture is enhanced by being sepia or b/w. Though I didn't know they were actually easier to edit. Thanks. 🙂

  7. they're easier to edit and they look a little more dramatic… color is not for every photographer. most of the stuff she shoots is sepia or black and white.

  8. Bryan Boy's outfit… if anyone on Top Model ever needed a makeover, it was this guy. Holy crap, I can't believe Tyra let him go to panel in that! HIDEOUS! And BTW, you and Billy make a sexy couple 🙂

  9. What's Tyra's obession with sepia? Another cycle where she photographed the girls and the pictures were almost monochrome. -.-
    Nastasia, Kiara and Leila deserved all the praise they got, but Laura deserved a much lower score. There was no light on her face…
    Pat, do you also take a look at the pictures the eliminated girls took? I always do, out of curiosity, and – for the first time! – I loved Destiny's and Jesse's pictures.

  10. You should have watched her on the Comeback series. She was b!tching and moaning in front of the eliminated girls and some of them were like "whatever…" :))

  11. That's not a fair assessment….since Nastasia and Kiara have been improving every week, while Laura has been doing nothing but slowly slipping.

    Plus, Nastasia and Kiara are the best walkers, so they have a really good shots….especially Nastasia.

    Liela can't walk at ALL, so that's going to hurt her if she doesn't fix it.

    Long story short, don't be surprised if Nastasia wins….she's the humblest of them all, and she's the closest to a full package….by a MILE.

  12. It was so rude of Tyra that even though Leila had the best photo, she rejected her photo from being hung up in her house. Kiara should go home next, her portfolio isn't strong enough to be in the finals. I'm glad I won't have to hear Kristin's bitchy rants again. Laura and Leila should be in the finals, I'll be pissed if neither of them win.

  13. Glad you survived Sandy! First thing I did when I got power back (in north NJ) was check youtube to see if you posted who got booted on ANTM. #homopriorities


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