Political Voting Issues Made Sexy Sharaun Eliminated
Posing on a Rope Ladder/Hot Air Balloon Nikeysha Eliminated
Malibu Bikini Shoot Bittany Eliminated
Fierce Eyes Above Water Hannah Eliminated b4 photoshoot, Isis Eliminated
50’s-inspired Los Angeles Natural Disasters Clark Eliminated
The Fiercee Awards/Award show Snafus Lauren Brie Eliminated
CoverGirl Eyeshadow Commercial Joslyn Eliminated
17th Century Women On A Clipper Ship Sheena Eliminated
(2 Shots) Simplistic; Dramatic B&W Elina Eliminated
Windmill Couture Marjorie Eliminated
CoverGirl WetSlicks Amazemint Lipgloss Print Ad Analeigh Eliminated
Runner Up: Samantha
Winner: McKey

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  1. McKey, Analeigh, Marjorie, Laura Brie, Samatha, Brittany all beautiful girls. And the competition was really keen

  2. I thought Marjorie had the best portfolio by FARRRR but McKey was a solid pick for a winner she’s absolutely GORGEOUS with that haircut like that and you can see a progression in her photos pretty quickly which makes for a nice storyline. Sheena was my favorite personality of the cycle I wish her success and prosperity she’s beautiful inside and out! Isis as well what a groundbreaking moment that really was for TV at that time. Amazing cycle.

  3. In my opinion
    14) Sharaun
    13) Hannah
    12) Nikeysha
    11) Brittany
    9) Clark
    8) Isis
    7) Elina
    6) Joslyn
    5) Lauren Brie
    4) McKey
    3) Majorie
    2) Samantha
    1) Analeigh


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