Mirjana Puhar — a recent “America’s Next Top Model” contestant — was killed Tuesday in a triple homicide at her boyfriend’s home in Charlotte, NC … TMZ has learned.


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America’s Next Top Model’ Contestant Mirjana Puhar Dead — Dies in Triple Homicide | TMZ

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  1. I’m watching ANTM on Hulu bc all 22 seasons are on there and I’m on her season. Watching it I kept saying to my sister how i can’t stand her and she’s a immature person with an ugly energy to now find out what happened to her 🥴 it’s Erie watching her now.. may she RIP

  2. Imagine id she would have won the competition… she would’ve never been in this position 😔 RIP baby girl

  3. I was just Googling the winner of the 21st cycle and she was in the "similar" pile. Once I saw this… I don't know what to feel, honestly.

  4. Even though she was kinda mean, just was a great model And that's sad she was murdered cause she could of made a very famous model

  5. I can't believe the whole " live fast, die young " thing is cool. There isn't anything tight about living dangerously and recklessly. Rip, Mirjana. I'm sorry I pronounced your name wrong during all of cycle 21.

  6. Appalling. Killed by an illegal alien who was allowed to stay here under Obama's amnesty program. Mission accomplished Barack!

  7. I wonder if her ''boyfriend'' was the same one she was cheating on with Denzel on that cycle…I liked her as a model but she made some questionable decisions on the show…she was acting like she was in love with Denzel another contestant who she just met on the show & was cheating on her boyfriend with…Denzel didn't even like her like that, he just wanted to hit it…I knew then she was someone with problems so I wasn't all that surprised about her murder.

  8. So tragic to hear this kind of news.. Like when I heard about Josh, the masterchef runner up comitted suicide..

  9. I'm sharing this because the memory of it makes me smile — not to be divisive in any way: My favorite ep was the DNA one. Remember that, ANTM fans? I felt that she aligned herself with blackness, and I wanted so bad for her to have significant African ancestry. I was ready to welcome her into the sisterhood. The results read that she was white with some Asian mix. Aww. LOL. She's still our sister — our human sister and now an angel. RIP, lovely.

  10. I went to middle school & high school with this chick and never knew who she was till this happened…. May she rest in peace~

  11. All the headlines only mention her but 2 other people were killed too. R.I.P. to the other 2 victims that the media doesn't care about because they weren't famous.

  12. It's amazing that Tyra would take on these women & men who she CLEARLY can see have NO MODEL POTENTIAL whatsoever. It's like some kind of bone TYRA has to pick with the fashion world for eliminating her for not being able to keep up due to  her expanding weight. This girl Marjana could've easily been pursuing something else that she was more suited for in life on  maybe another reality show, sort of like a love & hip hop. I have a feeling her career, would've taken off  then & she wouldn't have had to run back to obscurity somewhere in Carolina & get caught in the midst of an alleged drug related triple homocide. I'm not in anyway blaming Tyra, but she needs to stop giving false hopes to girls like this. It's fashion & fashion has RULES. 

  13. What a waste of such a young promising life. It was nice seeing her in antm. Maybe it would have been different if her and denzel stayed together. May she rip.

  14. You people make me sick yes she was a bitch in antm but so what she dead she was so young wtf she had time to change and grow I think its so sad that people find time to say bad things about her when they need to look at there'd own lives RIP girl u will be missed

  15. Looks like she really Died Hard. At least is was a Good Day up to that point. Please don't be angry with me, all these jokes are just a Cop Out for my sadness.

  16. I was watching ANTM just couple days ago and I didn't really like mirjana. but now she is dead and it makes me sad. rest in peace.

  17. That's so sad!!!being involved in my own something like this is nothing anyone's ever gets over and I wish her full recovery but she will need someone to talk to to make sense of it all the fucked up decisions that led up to this moment… Stay strong beauty… I truly hope you make a full recovery…

  18. Knowing how she gets herself involved with the wrong people, this might have been inevitable. At the very least she got to travel and have great new experiences she could have never gotten otherwise, with ANTM. I was stunned when I heard the news. She was so young, just one year my senior. And to die in this manner… It's all incomprehensible and unexpected. Thoughts to the family and everyone who held her dear. Ridiculously tragic end. 🙁


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