Episode Description
Originally Aired: October 08, 2008
Tyra surprises the remaining girls with a one-on-one photo shoot to teach each girl how to find their most flattering pose. The photo challenge takes the girls to Los Angeles famous Orpheum Theatre, where they show off their best backstage award show snafu pose. The ladies do their best to replicate being caught in the restroom as well as revealing raw emotions during a phony acceptance speech. After the judges deliberate, one girl is sent home.

America´s next top model ( ANTM) Cycle 11-EPISODE 7 PREVIEW

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The Fiercee Awards
Original Airdate: October 8, 2008[3]

Bottom two:
Featured photographer: Mike Rosenthal
Special guests:
Top Model in Action:

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  1. Elina looked stunning!! I really hope she will do well and stay's in the competition her look is fantastic!

  2. Because she doesn't live in France and "France's Next Top Model" doesn't exist?

    Beisdes, no one ever said that she has no confidence. Marjorie never even said that. She just gets a little awkward around the judges, which I think is perfectly understandable considering who they are and their huge reputations.

  3. I think Samantha is an idiot for thinking that while it's perfectly acceptable to be as shy and anti-social as you want to in France, "this is America!"

  4. Hope they don't send elina home… :[
    she is one of my faves.

    i don't like samantha so much now, she's a bitch to marjorie

  5. i hope thats who the top three is!
    but elinas not going home this week. they just want you to think that, like remember when they did that with heather in cycle 9 where they had the car shoot?
    ya, they made it look as if she was going home


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