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AFTERBUZZ TV – America’s Next Top Model edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s America’s Next Top Model. In this episode hosts Emma K, Thaddeus Massey, Amanda Fields Bennett, Mike Scocozza, and special guest Keith Carlos (Cycle 21 Winner) discuss episode 15. America’s Next Top Model (abbreviated ANTM and Top Model) is an American reality television series and interactive competition that premiered on May 20, 2003. It originally aired on UPN, whose merger with The WB created The CW in 2006. The program has aired twenty cycles, and sees several women compete for the title of “America’s Next Top Model”, providing them with an opportunity to begin their career in the modeling industry. Its premise was originated with supermodel and television personality Tyra Banks, who additionally serves as its executive producer and presenter.

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  1. Tyra said that they eliminated Lennox because they felt that she needed to work on her confidence, which I agree. She takes great pictures, but she lacks confidence. By the way, this was the only photo shoot this season in which social media wasn't used. It was solely based on the challenge and judges scores.

  2. I think i've made a mistake during panel. Lenox should have won the cycle. Keith is just another worst winner. Lenox is sexy. She is just to shy to show it 🙂

  3. 4:09: I know right. When I saw Keith and Lenox in the bottom two, I was like, "Oh darn, Lenox is going home 'cause they played up Keith's backstory this episode. And I won't get to see her complete commercial with Matthew and Ben." Not to mention how the trailers for the past episodes, played up Keith struggling in his photo shoots to throw off viewers expectations. So I figured he was the one to bet on to win.
    Even though I was rooting for Will, I hope Keith will continue to be successful in modeling and represents the show very well as the first male winner. 🙂

  4. I get that you guys can't be rude to him while he's there, but the sucking up was obvious. He didn't deserve to win. Sorry.


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