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AFTERBUZZ TV – America’s Next Top Model edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s America’s Next Top Model. In this episode hosts Mike Scocozza and Thaddeus Massey discuss episode 7. America’s Next Top Model (abbreviated ANTM and Top Model) is an American reality television series and interactive competition that premiered on May 20, 2003. It originally aired on UPN, whose merger with The WB created The CW in 2006. The program has aired twenty cycles, and sees several women compete for the title of “America’s Next Top Model”, providing them with an opportunity to begin their career in the modeling industry. Its premise was originated with supermodel and television personality Tyra Banks, who additionally serves as its executive producer and presenter.

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  1. Is it just me or these two are just terrible at recapping the show? Not trying to be rude but their comments are out of place & some of the info provided was incorrect. Do they even watch the show?

  2. I'm in the minority but Will just has to suck it up. In the real world that's how ppl talk, you can't just cry about it you have to learn to deal with it. PPL talk about other ppl all the time and if you really let it get it to you, you're not a very strong individual.

  3. Im sorry but Will handled  this very immaturely. Denzel was wrong for the content of what he was saying, but he did the right thing, by wanting it to talk it out. Will going to cry to the girls was annoying. Grow a pair and talk it out! Ppl will always have something to say, so stand up for yourself. don't go run, hide, and cry

  4. Denzel's opinions are sexist if he's implying that wearing heels makes Will less of man. He calls himself an "alpha male", but Will is more of a man than Denzel will ever be. Based on his recent tweets, Denzel hasn't changed from the experience. I don't like when the judges bring up dramas and relationships during the panel, but I did appreciate Tyra scolding him. Denzel looks more like a football player than Keith does; he doesn't scream model to me. I hope he leaves soon. =P
    It was a little odd that Ms. Jay gave Raelia's dreadful ice photo a 9, but he gave her a lower score in her good spider commercial.

  5. I love how Tyra already knew who it was. Will didn't say anyone's name or say he or she, all he said was "someone" but then Tyra says "have you talked to THE GUY" and Will's vlog he said he was going to make a statement and wear the heels so producers knew and seeing Tyra is one of the producers, she did too

  6. Denzel meant exactly everything that he said. He was expressing his opinions and he couldn't even "be a man" about after he was confronted. I don't agree with his way of thinking. STOP making excuses for him. Even after Tyra put him in his place he was being an ass about it in his interview to the camera. Really, calling Will a girl for being upset about it. Why? because he's showing vulnerability.. Men can't apparently be sensitive or get their feelings hurt..Denzel came of as homophobic and misogynistic.

  7. Denzel has been talking smack about Will for weeks now. I mean, the guy can act (I guess), but he's just small-minded despite his education. Granted, Will could've handled the situation better, but as a "homosexual" (only homophobic people use that word) myself, I get it.

  8. I do believe Denzel was out of line and I love how both Tyra and Ms. J (love her) put Denzel in check but I'm not letting Will off the hook.  I can understand him not wanting to talk to Denzel at the moment that Denzel wanted to discuss the issue moments after it happens.  I truly get that but to break down crying and running off to the kitchen to host your own pity party; not necessary.  It's my opinion that gay or straight, sometimes as men in certain situations, including this one, you just have to man up.  Also I should add that confronting Denzel in front of the judges was kind of a b***h move on Will's part.  He should've man up and talk to Denzel one on one. 

  9. Denzel's choice of words towards Will does come off as "homophobic"… Denzel even said "It's My Opinion"… If you can't say anything nice you should not be saying anything AT ALL!  Was nice to see Tyra & Panel but Denzel in check… Over at Twitterworld was not pleased with the Denzel vs. Will… He is walking on a thin line 

  10. So glad that other host is not in this after show, her voice is irritating after the first five minutes. #sorrynotsorry.


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