AFTERBUZZ TV — America’s Next Top Model edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s America’s Next Top Model. In this episode, host Jackie Miranne (former Project Runway model) breaks down the “Anthony Zuiker” episode in which The episode starts with Kayla was rushed to the hospital due to a cardiac arrhythmia and mini heart attack. Afterwards, the girls convene at the studio of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and meet producer, Anthony Zuiker, who gives them the opportunity to audition for a role as their reward challenge. Some of the girls found it hard to memorize the long medical terms. Lisa dismayed Jay for not bringing her fire on set and ultimately forgetting all of her lines. Angelea and Bre impressed with their flawless takes, but it was Bre who ultimately won a guest starring role on a CSI episode. For their photo shoot, the girls pose with male models for a fashion campaign in Express. At panel, Allison, Angelea, Dominique, Kayla, Laura and Shannon receive good feedback. Camille was criticized for not yet producing a stellar photograph throughout the season; Alexandria’s photo was deemed to be “aged” while Lisa was castigated for producing a bad film. She further irked the judges when she tried to blame the male models. Angelea receives the first call-out while Camille and Lisa found themselves in the bottom two, Camille for producing a bad photograph and Lisa for complaining. Tyra handed the final photo to Lisa, eliminating Camille. There to help Jackie is co-host DJ Jesse Janedy with special guest Top Model Brittany Brower. It’s America’s Next


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